1. Ruddles

    Read current audio volume setting

    Hi Everyone, I know how to change the audio volume level setting using VBA by sending the VK_VOLUME_UP and VK_VOLUME_DOWN codes to the virtual keyboard, but my code also needs to know what the actual level is. I've been trying to persuade The Google to tell me but haven't even got as far as...
  2. B

    Run-Time error '1004' Method 'SaveAs' of object'_Wokkbook' failed

    Hello, I'm trying to save a newly created file in csv format. I am copying results from one open file, and pasting in a new workbook, and then trying to save the new workbook as a csv file. My code is below. See the "Save File as CSV" section below. Thanks! Sub Monthly_Device_Volume_Map()...
  3. N

    Volume Tier Formula

    Hello, I am trying to create a formula in a block of cells that would parse volume into tiers based on cumulative volume but only tier the monthly volume as follows... Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Volume 1000 2500 3005 4000 5000...
  4. O

    Looking for an If formula

    I am looking to use a IF formula but not sure how to write it so it returns the value i want. I have a list of SKU's that have a location by them, i also have a separate list of locations. I want the If formula to return a value of 1, if the SKU's location appears in my 2nd list...
  5. R

    Error Message when opening a workbook

    I have been creating a 24 page workbook for simple accounting for a non profit group. I've updated the pages and used the "Save As" option from books volume 1 (initial) to volume 5. Now when I try and open my volume 5 I get a long list of error and it asked me if I want to correct them yes or...
  6. P

    Power Pivot Question_ Counting Pivot

    Hi All, I'm a rookie about PowerPivot and I'm trying to develop a tool by using DAX formulas but stuck at some point. Attached you will find the data structure that I'm working on: there are 3 "Tables" named Opp, Users, KPI and there are relationships between tables. (e.g. 'Opp[Opp_Owner] column...
  7. A

    Volume tracker in access

    I am new bee here hoping to get some solution. I am looking for a tool to capture the volume processed by the team on daily basis. I tried to create it by own but couldn’t finish it… Could you please help me on this.. User name : Abhi Password: 123...
  8. 1

    Product of Index & matches - need help to make more efficient

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help to simplify the following: 1) I have 1 sheet with a large table A1:D4 showing sales volume (Mt) per productcode (column A) and per months of June, July and August (row 1) <tbody> June July August ProductCode1 100 50 200 ProductCode2 150 80 120...
  9. J

    Counting the top "x" ammount of cells

    Hi, I have a spread sheet that has the "date" and "volume" in the same row for a market going from newest to oldest. I want to somehow build a driver that i can change the look back but say i want to see listed the top "10" or "20" or "25" highest volume days, how can I do this? As you can...
  10. rogerfoster88

    Help with a formula in Excel

    <tbody> I am looking for a formula to go into G2 that finds the combined sum in column D that is adjacent to the product in column C, but for the choice of product to be dictated by the product name in F2. So the formula needs to be clever enough to change the volume if the name in F2 changes...
  11. K

    Backwards - calculate required sales volume from desired commission amount on tiered commission structure

    Hi there, sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but the closest thread I could find was this one and it's not quite what I need. https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/759322-work-backwards-desired-commission-amount-find-sales-volume.html Real estate agents for a brokerage are...
  12. F

    Formula needed for volume discount pricing

    Hi everyone, I own a printing business and there are a TON of variables in print pricing lol. So I need a formula for multi-page booklets (like catalogs) Basically I will put a formula in that will come up with the number of prints it will take to make a multi-page booklet and I need the...
  13. B

    Matrix with DoD (trending data) w/ 7 Day and 14 Day volume change

    Hey Guys, I cant figure out how to create a visual that shows day over day data with a 7 and 14 day volume change on the most recent date. I already created a measure to calculate the 7 and 14 Day difference, but when I put it into the matrix, it does the calc for each date..... Here's what I...
  14. W

    Calculating Volume from Percentage of Target

    Hi Hoping someone has the answer to the following. I have a production volume target figure for each month that is charged at a fixed rate. The same rate will be charged for all volume with 5% of the target. If the volume exceeds 5%, the exceeded amount will be charged at a different rate...
  15. S

    RANK on volume (Column B) if Date (Column D) is over a year old

    I need to create "League Table" of anything over a year old, but it needs to be sorted by the largest volume. I have tried to use RANK, but when I reference it to Cell B which contains the volume, it does not want to work! =IF(D2>TODAY()-365,"",RANK(B2,$B$2:$B$21,1))
  16. M

    Price/volume effects by customer groups

    Hello I need to calculate price / volume / mix effects between year N and N+1, but by customer groups. So by customer it is very easy to have each effect: Price = (Price N+1 - Price N) * Volume N Volume = (Volume N+1 - Volume N) * Price N Mix = (Price N+1 - Price N) * (Volume N+1 - Volume N)...
  17. R

    Help with data

    Hi all I have been tasked to generate graph / table that will show the volume of stock moved from 5 sites each site has clients the graph needs to show the effect it will have if a clue t was to move to a different site and the volume which is lost or gained at each site A long winded...
  18. H

    Sumifs on two columns

    Hi all, I am quite new to Power Pivot so please excuse my question - I have two columns: unique basket identifier and volume of SKU transactions. What I would like to do is to sum the volume of all SKU transactions that appear in each basket so that for each basket row the total basket size is...
  19. K

    VBA code to turn volume on, up, down

    I am trying to find some code to turn my speaker volume on, up or down. I am using the Speak function if that has any relevance...... thanks!
  20. K

    Using a Two-Way Data Table to Calculate the Volume of a Cone

    Possible height values: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 Possible Radii: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Formula: Volume=Pi*(Radius^2*Height)/3 Not sure how to set up a two-way data table to calculate the possible volumes. What I have: <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Height Values 6 9 12 15 18...

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