web queries

  1. C

    Keep web queries when saving spreadsheet as html

    Hey all, this ones got me stumped. Is there a way to keep web queries active and refreshing when saving a spreadsheet in a format viewable in a web browser? Thanks Cam
  2. K

    refreshing excel files with web queries with out opening

    I have few excel spreadsheets with web queries in the connections, they are connecting to URL by web queries in connections. I want to refresh these spreadsheets with out open them. is there a macro to do this or any other way. Thanks
  3. B

    Macro For Web Query for multiple pages of information into on Excel Sheet

    Hi all, I am looking for a little macro help. I am trying to import 10-20 pages of we information into a single excel sheet. Baseball stats for fantasy. I love it and it keeps me busy during down time. I am a beginner at code to say the least, but have a little experience. Here is what i am...
  4. C

    VBA web query with login

    Hi there, I'm trying to use a macro to get data from an XML document where I have to use a login. The macro and workbook is intended for general users to search the document. The macro will prompt you for a value, you type it in, you will then be prompted to login with username and password...
  5. K

    Web Query Loop to scrape Data

    Hi again all, I'm think I made my first post too wordy and overly complicated things..... I have a column of URLs in column A of "Sheet1". I have a web Query on "Sheet2". I want a macro to loop through all URLs in column A of "Sheet1", changing the WebQuery to use the URL as it's connection...
  6. K

    Macro to go loop through a column of URL's and paste data from each to new row

    Hello Mr. Excel world! Long time reader first time account maker/poster. I have a workbook with a number of different Worksheets. I have a column (Column M) on a worksheet called "AM INTL" Briefing. This column contains a hyperlink on each row (none are blank right now, but there could be...
  7. K

    Web query for a password-protected web page

    Hello, I have a web page I would like to get data from, however when I started Excel my data was gone because I had restarted Excel and the data is password protected. All the other macros I found only open Internet Explorer and go to the webpage, but I need Excel's web query to automatically...
  8. M

    Change Dynamic Web Query Parameter/ Web Query Automation

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to excel programming, so I apologize for any awkwardness in wording my problem. Recently I'm trying to make a database of Bank Identification Number (BIN) from binlist.net using Web Query. It basically works like this : for example I want all the information for the...
  9. W

    Web Queries: Is there an "updated" value in a web query?

    Hi! I wish to do a datestamp on some thousand web queries, with the date the query last was updated/refreshed. Is there such a value to get, or do I need to do some sort of workaround?
  10. E

    Need help with Get External Data function

    Hello, I would like to be able to pull the spot price of gold and silver from the internet and put them in a spreadsheet at the click of a button. I know I need to use the "Get External Data" function and / or VBA to do this. I do not know how to write Web Queries. Can someone help me out...
  11. M

    Batch Downloading Historical Data

    Hi relatively new to vba and particularly web querying. I am basically trying to download historical data from Zurich Life Fund Prices , have found it no problem to download the prices for today, but was wondering if there was a method to download prices for 13th, 12th etc etc. I'm not sure if...
  12. K

    Web Query Mac

    I'm having a really hard time making web queries on Mac. I'm trying to import the individual words from different news articles into different columns. So, ideally, each row would have all the words from all the articles on a certain day. Whenever I use this code: WEB 1...
  13. R

    Web Scraping non table data

    Hi, I am strugling with writing a macro that will get the data from web. Ex website I need to get number of all properties the one in orange. You found 67,158 properties for...
  14. Z

    Help me optimize this code to run faster

    I have a code that uses excel web queries to retrieve data from a web site. The query part is optimized but the rest of the code with a lot of If statements makes it run slow. Please help. Here is the code: Sub datta() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.Calculation =...
  15. K

    Two Web querys with dynamic cell reference

    Hi, I have been looking through this site and the web and I have created a dynamic web query that uses a cell as a reference but I would not like to add another web query that will update at the same time and use the same cell, but i have tried a couple of things and I cant get it to work any...
  16. I

    Excel 2010 web query is not working as it did in Excel 2007

    As part of updatting our computer equipment I was reassigned from a Dualcore Windows XP Sp2 with Office 2007 to a new Quadcore Windows XP Sp3 with Office 2010. Both with IE8. The problem at hand is this particular Macro that is run monthly and creates 167 web querys, one at a time. This is why...
  17. A

    Not able to web query

    Hi, I am using excel to do a webquery on some data through web. i was doing it earlier with ease.. but recently i noticed that there is a small ad in the middle of the data i want to do web query.. so because of that the whole table which had a small arrow on the middle left corner (right next...
  18. S

    Get blurb from web site (IMDb) into Excel

    My spreadsheet has films and related info, laid out in standard columnar layout - one row per film, data (director, year, etc.) in columns. I would like to populate the "Blurb" column with info from an external web site, e.g. the storyline section on IMDb. Is there any way of running a query...
  19. S

    VBA - Web Query URL length

    Hi, I am currently using VBA to import data from the web. However, I keep getting the run-time error 1004 and it occurs at this part of the code .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False I check the url string length and it is 1147 characters... Currently using IE 8 // WinXP Is my url =...
  20. J

    Web Query Question

    I need help developing a excel web query in excel 2007. My objective is to use the following address http://www.google.com/base/feeds/snippets/?q=035585800011&max-results=1 and substitute the parameter q and bring back the data in columns. I would also like to list more skus in the...

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