1. B

    Week over Week Change for tickets that are Open, Resolved, and Pending

    Hello I need help setting up a weekly report table or pivot that shows the number of open, resolved, pending, and new added tickets. The new data for the report comes out every Monday morning and I will send my report every Monday afternoon showing the number of open, resolved, pending, and new...
  2. P

    averaging months

    I have a situation where i have 12 months in a row acroos my worksheet.( Jan-Dec), and i have 6 catgories with total number of students that attend across the top. each month has 4 dates. so what you have is each month they meet weekly and i have a attendance number. I another place on the...
  3. N

    Database as weekly reminder

    i have a series of clients that need work doing. each one has house work on at a different frequency. some weekly, some 2 weekly, some 6 weekly etc. in additional these clients have garden work on at a different frequency I would like to be able to add these clients to a database, say the work...
  4. D

    Dynamic Chart help Excel 2007

    Need help taking the last data point (DCP) off several dynamic linear charts. The last data point is the weekly average and it often creates a blip at the end of the data. No VBA please. Thank you so much...
  5. G

    Merge data from one worksheet to another

    I'm trying to merge data from a weekly report into a master sheet that runs calculations. The weekly report is always formatted the same, and the calculation sheet will be as well. What's the easiest way to import data from the report to the master? I.E. F33 on the report will always need to...
  6. L

    Use Formulas to Fill Weekly Schedule

    Hi, I have a Weekly Schedule sheet that I would to populate with formulas from the Appointments sheet. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you Excel WorkbookAIKLMNOPQR1INDEX8:00 AMLunch Start12:00 PMMax working hours per day92Lunch End1:00 PM3Lunch Time1:004INVJOB TIMESTART DATEDAYSTART...
  7. matthewlouis

    #NAME? error

    I am getting the #NAME? error on this formula: {=INDEX(O6:O130,MODE(IF(O6:O130<>"",MATCH(O6:O130,O6:O130,0))))} I am using the SAME formula in another data set on daily market prices (the above is for weekly) . . . and I am NOT getting an error on that sheet (??) That error says I have...
  8. J

    Create a new sheet in excel

    Hi All, I have a two sheets a master sheet and a weekly report sheet. I need to firstly recreate the previous weeks weekly report sheet based on the cell value i put on the master sheet For example Column A ( Master Sheet ) is the week numbers A2=WK27,A3=WK28 Etc when i add WK29 into cell...
  9. W

    Sumproduct with a lookup nested inside

    Hello, I've spent quite a while trying to work out how to use sum product with a look up nested inside it. I'm trying to calculate the annual sum of payments received by a group. People in the group receive payments either weekly or monthly. I receive a regular report which contains: how...
  10. DPChristman

    Creating a Fiscal Week Lookup Table

    I am trying to create a fiscal week lookup table for a spreadsheet I am working on. My boss needs TY/LY weekly comparison. I have tried to use the =weeknum(b1) command. However, our first fiscal week is 2/3/19-2/9/19, so the value returned using that formula is 6. I am able to get it to read 1...
  11. T

    Dynamic Text List, ignoring "0"

    I am making a weekly summary file for my bar. End of each week I "move or copy" the 7 daily cash up sheets into the weekly sheet, named by the days of the week. In the weekly sheet, I have the cash summary page, which has a column of various headers (denomination, pdq, amex, discrepancies, etc)...
  12. W

    Identifying date intervals depending on a variable

    Dear Excel community To start with, I am an Excel novice - please forgive me any naive questions. Context Column A contains dates in ascending order - each row for a new day. Cell C1 contains a variable as text string, which can either be "weekly", "fortnightly", or "monthly". Problem...
  13. L

    vba code - copy tab name to another spreadsheet

    Hello Spreadsheet 1 Name : Weekly Results (tab 1 named : 01/04/2019; tab 2 named : 08/04/2019 etc....) Spreadsheet 2 Name : Weekly Report (tab name is "Weekly Report") Spreadsheet 2 tab with Date : Reporting Period ( tab name "Report Period" with Date entered in cell A1) I have a spreadsheet...
  14. R

    Data Reporting/Extraction on specific dates

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Excel and need some help for my project. I want to extract a particular cell value on weekly basis. The start and end date of project is known. The cell value named 'percentage of work completed' updates every day, but I want to know the status only on weekly basis...
  15. S

    Find matching value in large table and return associated data

    Hello, I have a large spread sheet that lists multiple currencyvalues. For each value there is anassociated daily fee, weekly fee, and monthly fee. For example: <tbody> Value Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Value Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Value Daily Rate...
  16. S

    Search table for matching value and return another value

    Hello, I have a large spread sheet that lists multiplevalues. For each value there is anassociated daily fee, weekly fee, and monthly fee. For example: In a separate location I want to be able to populate the dailyfee, weekly fee, and monthly fee for the specific value that I enter into...
  17. O

    Index/Match Across Workbooks with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I am trying to pull certain data from a raw data file that is updated weekly from another source and place it in a more presentable model. I am having to use multiple criteria (Columns A and B below) to try and get the appropriate lookup value from Column C through F but am not having...
  18. A

    Copy and Paste Values from 1 Worksheet to Another Based on Column Criteria

    Hello there !!!! I am new to excel and trying to do a pretty big project and I cannot figure out how to solve an error that keeps popping up. I have a weekly schedule which has 7 columns, each one for a day of the week. I am now trying to do a daily schedule which copies all the values from the...
  19. D

    A Newbie "How To" Question...

    Hi All, Brand new here and hoping you can help ;o) I have a simple weekly budgets spreadsheet that also tracks the actual sales values. What's the best way to recalculate the remaining budgets as the actuals come in? Basically, if the cummulative weekly actuals vs budgets are negative, take...
  20. F

    IF forumla for fortnightly and monthly reminders

    I have this spreadsheet that I am trying to create for payroll reminders for weekly, fortnightly and monthly clients. With the Weekly pay clients I need to trigger every Tuesday to be highlighted. With the fortnightly clients I need to trigger every second Tuesday and for the monthly clients I...
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