what if

  1. Z

    CountIF - remove duplicates

    I have a spreadsheet that tells me customers that have been referred to my business eg. Customers referred via route A, B, C, D. Aswell as the nunber of referrals via each route I'd like to count the number of customers. Eg, I may have 20 referrals via route A but 1 customer has been referred 8...
  2. J

    Working but gotta be a better way!

    Every day I send an open order report to my cust service group. To make it simpler to read and understand I make orders group orders into categories based on a ship date. Older, 2 days late, 1 day late, Today Tomorrow 2 days out Future We only work M-F but there might be a Saturday or...
  3. S

    Counting # of Clients if another Column is > 0

    I'm trying to design some sort of countif/countifs formula(Sheet 1, Column B) to count the number of clients involved in each job type... -----Sheet 1-----(Column B needs to count the number of individual clients that hired different job types...For Example: Cell B2 should result with 2...
  4. K

    Excel Macro - If Cell contains a certain word then run the formula

    NOTE:I'm new to this forum & to coding in Excel & English isn't my first language so excuse me if I'm bad at explaining things I will do my best. :( Hello, there my name is Kovela. I am a financial analyst for a new company. I need to figure out a code that would help me in summary "If Cell...
  5. W

    Two-variable best scenario for work shifts

    Hi! First of all, thanks in advance to everyone that saved my sorry a** more times that I can imagine, since I've been visiting this site regularly for tha past 5 years and always found a solution. First time posting, though. :eeek: The problem is (or seems to be) fairly simple, I have to...
  6. P

    "Goal Seek"ing a Pro

    Hi there, Hoping one of you geniuses can help me out here. What I need to find is "x" in the equation: .1 = [b + (x*c)]/[a+x] where "a", "b" & "c" are all numbers based on other formulas that happen in the sheet, so they are always changing but fixed at the time of finding "x". To put that...
  7. T

    Filtering by unique identifiers while perfoming function

    Hello I need some help: I have a spread sheet with dozens of thousands of unique identifies (Subscriber IDs). Each one represents a person. Some people were billed for a coverage periods and some people's billing for a coverage period was skipped. Now I have to figure out which people...
  8. M

    Calculate Payment to achieve IRR of 10% - No what-if calcs allowed

    I have an entity in a project that receives quarterly but inconsistent cashflows until the entity's IRR = 10%. The distribution amount is subject to available cash so one quarter's distribution could be as low as 200k or as high as whatever is available subject to 10% irr cap. Entity will...
  9. J

    What if Analysis - Data Tables

    Hi - I've been given a model which makes use of What If Analysis - Data Tables. The model already has lots of volatile functions in it which I'm in the process of removing but I wondered if someone could quickly answer whether this tool is Volatile in nature? The alternative is Excel build's...
  10. P

    Ebay Spreadsheet & non Ebay finances *tricky one for the experts maybe*

    Hi :) OK so I will try to make this simple. I am new and wouldn't have a clue where to look for this. I am a complete novice with little talent in Excel. Let me get to it. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that allows me to input my data from sales from Ebay and outside of Ebay. Inside Ebay...
  11. B

    Please help! Sensitivity/What-if Analysis

    Hi All, I'm looking to do a two-variable what-if sensitivity analysis, however, instead of just doing a simple sensitivity to a row cell and a column cell, I would like to shift an entire array as the column and row variables (see below). The reason being that I have multiple "consumer...
  12. R

    Multiple What if statements

    Hi I'm hoping you can help me with this formula. I have a worksheet with number of records. Column C = Manhattan Column D = Bronx Column E = Westchester Column F = Brooklyn Column G = Queens Column H = Staten Island With each record only one boro is selected by placing an "X" in the...
  13. H

    Data Table from Spreadsheet Application

    I am using a couple of spreadsheet applications using Excel. The applications require inputs for certain parameters and then output predicted values. I want to vary the inputs and create a data table showing results for each scenario. Can I do this using easily a combination of macros and...
  14. S

    I creating a sequenial number from the previous filled cell

    I am trying to match two cells and put a unique number next to it. I have managed to recognize the two requirements and not fill the other cells unnecessarily but my equation will only output 1 and I cannot get it to add one to the previous cell that has a number, to end up with 2,3...
  15. V

    One Variable Data Table (What If Analysis) Not Fully Updating

    I am using a one variable data table to automate a complex calculation for three scenarios. The table doing the calculations is reasonably complex (a couple thousand array formulas), but calculates in a second or two for one scenario. When I try automating the calculation of all three...
  16. W

    Link Drop down menu list to Further columns

    Hello everyone I am just wondering if any of you can help me. I have made drop down menu in excel ( say in Column b and there is a list of expenses say 40 expenses), I have Written same expenses one by one in column , c , d, e , f, g, h and so on. what i want is , if some write and amount in...

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