1. A

    Setting the Current Value from a Cell in a Form Control Scrollbar

    I have a file and created 3 scrollbars to help my sales reps understand how they can affect their commissions by activities they can control. On the worksheetI have a section that shows their current performance, and another section that shows a 'What-If' scenario. As I move the scrollbars, the...
  2. C

    What-if analysis of only ONE variable change?

    I have used what-if analysis, when I have 2-D table with 2 variables. i.e. if variable 1 has 10 different values and variable 2 has 7 different values, result table would be 70 results. However, sometimes I need what-if analysis of only one variable that could have 1-X different values. It...
  3. T

    Change a cell based on the active "What-if" scenario name - preferably via formula

    I would like to change a cell based on the name of the active scenario in the "What-if" scenario manager. I would prefer to do this via a formula within the cell rather than VBA/macro coding. For example, to create a row label, or to make the value of the cell TRUE or FALSE based on the name...
  4. L

    Question: Excel 2016 What-if statement

    I am thinking about applying a what-if analysis to find out the one time cost for a LED bulb but I am not sure if the what-if analysis should have a two variable (separate fixed and variable cost) or a one (only variable cost) and how I formulate such a what-if condition. I am enclosing a...
  5. L

    Solver in excel 2010

    Hi Where is Solver in excel 2010? I have seen videos about how to use solver (Under Data-->What-IF) but what I have under What-if is 1) Scenario 2) Goal Seek 3)Data Table. Thanks
  6. R

    Dynamically change data for different scenarios?

    Hi - I'm trying to create a way for different scenarios for an income statement (table in worksheet 1). I would ideally like to have a drop down list that calls data from worksheet 2 and populates worksheet 1. Help? The source of scenario data is layed out as follows (table in worksheet 2)...
  7. B

    Advanced What-If Analysis

    Hi All, I'm looking to do a two-variable what-if sensitivity analysis, however, instead of just doing a simple sensitivity to a row cell and a column cell, I would like to shift an entire array as the column and row variables (see below). The reason being that I have multiple "consumer...
  8. P

    Simple Macro for Sensitivity Analysis

    Hi, Ive used data tables a fair amount in excel but given the time they take to recalculate (i have many in one s/sheet) im looking to create a macro rather which only runs when i choose to run it, but I've never really used macros before so am hoping for an easy example to get started. Ive...
  9. keks

    'Goad seek'-like function - urgent

    hello this best-in-the-universe excel board pls somebody tell we if what i have on my mind is practically possible: i want to put together a user-defined function that tells 'what Cell A shoud be for Cell B to equal N'. hope explaintation is clear. thanks!

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