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    Copy a Folder Template and Create Multiple Folders Based on an Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello, I created a folder template which has several sub-folders. I want to copy this template and create new folders with names from an excel spreadsheet. The path for this template is: C:\Users\woodenk\Documents\Employee Personnel Files\_Folder Template. I also placed the spreadsheet...
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    use vba to put address from open win explorer instance into the clipboard

    I am working on Windows 7 and Office 2013. I have an open instance of windows explorer that has been navigated to a folder. From excel vba I would like to load that win explorer address into the clipboard. I do not have a clue how to do this. Can anyone assist me?
  3. E

    Create list of files from windows explorer folder

    Hello all! I am new at VBA, so any help is much appreciated. Here is a summary of what I'd like the end result of this project to be: When I open Workbook A, Macro #1 automatically runs as the file is opening. This macro will analyze the contents of the "Seed Folder" (through Windows...
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    Open files from active explorer

    Hello, Is there any way to open selected excel files from windows explorer with VBA code? Suppose that I have file1.xls, file2.xls and file3.xls in a folder c:\files but I just want to open file1 and file3 (those files that I have selected). Can I do that with VBA? Thank you.
  5. L33

    Run macro from the Windows right-click "Send To"

    Hi, I have a file with a number of macros for data editing, formatting etc to create large Excel report. The first stage of this is always to pick a flat Excel data file to feed in to it from a simple file open dialog. I would like to right-click on that data file in Windows Explorer and from...
  6. G

    Importing file names from Windows Explorer

    How would I go about doing a group import of a list of file names from Windows Explorer into a column on an Excel spreadsheet? For example, one of the folders on my PC contains a list of 22 files. If I want to make an accurate copy of the file name, I must right click it, select Rename...

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