word document

  1. A

    Compare word documents with Excel VBA and create a summary files with track changes

    Hi, I'm trying to create a vba script for an excel document in order to compage files versions and create summary Word documents with the differences (track changes). Here my script: Private Sub ButtonSummaryReport_Click() 'Initialize the progressbar and the label Dim k As Integer Dim...
  2. D

    Hyperlinks in a Filter Table - I Think I'm Going Crazy

    Folks, I think I just discovered something crazy about hyperlinks in filterable tables within Excel. Background: I made a database, i.e. filter table of information, for my department to easily search for reports and data. I had to compile information from 4 engineers before me. Information...
  3. T

    Mail Merge Split documents Formatting issues

    Hi, I am using the below Macro to split the mail merged into separate documents. What I need is it to split into separate documents keeping the whole page including the header and footers and saving as in the first merged field on the page, which is the first piece of information on...
  4. H

    How to create a word document from excel

    Hi, everybody! (and thanks in advance...) I have a spreadsheet and I want to, by running a macro, create a new word file named after the active cell and based on a specific template. I am trying the code bellow, withouth success. Can someone please help me? I also have a question, after...
  5. Chris Macro

    VBA MS Word - Change Color of text after an Apostrophe (my Loop is stuck!)

    Hi, I am trying to mimic how the VBA Editor changes commented text to green (with an apostrophe as the indicator) in a Word Document's text. I am approaching this by using the Find function to find all the apostrophe's in my selection and then select to the end of the line and change that...
  6. V

    How to inserr a row in word document template as dynamically using vb.net

    Hi all, i am new to this forum,i have create one word document template by manually and add the table and headers in that template,i can bind the data set values to this template using vb For Each myxmlnode In Travelerdoc.XMLNodes If myxmlnode.BaseName = "WONumber" Then...
  7. S

    Populate a word document based on data entered through a form

    Hi I wonder if any of you could help me, On a worksheet in a Spreadsheet workbook, I have used the form options to create a form. These include a drop down menu for name, a list box for payment, an option button for yes and no etc. I have created a macro button so that when 'OK' is selected...
  8. L

    How to siphon data from a Word document

    I am currently using MS Office Excel 2007 and my limited VBA knowledge has put me at a stop of a project that I have been working on. I am trying to create an excel template that will open every word document in a specific folder and pull data (open to suggestions as to how this would work)...
  9. T

    Automating MS Word using VBA

    Hi All, Am working on some vba to essentially create a Word document. I've gotten fairly proficient with VBA in the confines of MS Excel and know little to nothing about how to make it work inside of a word document. I've managed to get a new document to open and text on the page. The...
  10. M

    NEED Serious Creative Help please (newbie)

    HI, I am a new member to MrExcel and could really use some expert advice. Okay so what I am trying to accomplish... I have an excel spreadsheet with column A displaying names ie:(Josh Smith) Then in column B I have their corresponding email address ie: Josh.smith@aol.com Furthermore, I have...
  11. C

    Macro to create word document

    Hello, I have a blank database that will grow over time, and i have a field in it (column K) where a large sum of information will be documented in the form of a letter or report. On average it will probably be about 2 or 3 pages long. Instead of having all that information contained in the...

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