1. Agnarr

    Employee Work Schedule

    Hello everyone. I would like to create a button which when pressed should Create 12 New Sheets, each named after a month (JANUARY, FEBRUARY, etc) and each sheet should have the same appearance modeled after this one...
  2. PhBarreto

    How to create work shifts based on these conditions?

    Hello guys! In an Excel spreadsheet, I have two sheets, 'Workers' and 'Shift'. I need one worker from each sector based on the 'Workers' sheet to be scheduled per week (52 weeks) if there is more than one. If there is only one consultant, he must be scheduled weekly, if not, I would like the...
  3. K

    I just want headers above each category in a column

    hi guys/gals am just looking for a vba code that reads up a table column B, copys the first none blank value in its finds and pastes it to the next blank column then repeats ive tried many different ways of trying it but no luck to the point it deletes everything but the headers it made...
  4. L

    Help figuring out how to do this.

    Alright, so a company that I work with makes racks for a large company to use. They are new and I go in every day and watch the racks when they get placed and make note of the rack number, time in and out, any issues that come from the robot etc. So we are trying to figure out now, an easy-clean...
  5. J

    Create a team allocater for the workplace.

    We have 3 teams of people which are all filled with different numbers of people. We need to be able to allocate people on a shift equally to each team everyday. And the results be recorded for how many times a person has been on each team over a given period. So we can ensure each person does an...
  6. U

    Extract the the one or two characters of a string, depending on number of digits

    Hello, I have a cell which contains the size of an item, "Size20" for example. I have another cell which I'd like to have equal 500 if the size is 16 or larger, in which I have the formula =IF(S22<>"",IF(VALUE(RIGHT(S22,2))>15,500,0),0) However, this does not work for cells such as "Size8", as...
  7. S

    Calendar day coloring

    Good Morning, I had a few ideas but most of them involved recreating the calendar and I haven't done that yet...anyway A user came to me asking about formatting a sheet he's got. The workbook is a simple "Planner" for work tours: He inputs a day, then inputs the number of days he's going to...
  8. S

    sumproduct - multiple criteria that includes partial text

    Hi I have a table of data with many rows an columns and I'm trying to count the number of records that meet numerous criteria. I've managed to get a lot of it to work but am stuck when it comes to one field that contains one or more partial string elements. My current formula is: -...
  9. T

    VBA help with time results

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a spreadsheet to work with my timer. At the moment my timer is ok and i can lap it and send the data to the active cells. My issue is that the amount of rows is varying. I write a number in the first column from one to however many i have. Im a bit stuck...
  10. L

    If 100.00% =Yes Formula

    I need a formula that i can place in F:2 that if I:2 equals 100.00% entered Y in F:2 if not enter N I though that maybe something like this would work but is not =IF(EXACT(I2,"100.00%"), "Y", "N")
  11. C

    How do I bring my excel program to the foreground?

    Hi everybody, I've been doing some research on how to bring my excel spreadsheet to the foreground whenever it goes into the background. I've stumbled across 'AppActivate Application.caption' but it doesn't work. The excel spreadsheet simply flashes orange in the taskbar and doesn't come to...
  12. G

    INDEX MATCH + LEFT Function

    Hi, I'm trying to go from the top formula to the bottom one. I have to match H9 (which is a string of 8 characters) to column A which has the same set of information as in column H but with an added number at the end. So I need to be able to match H9 to the leftmost 8 characters in column A. I...
  13. S

    Find last available row in a range of cells

    Hello, I am looking to make a code work in the way that it finds the last available empty row in columns A to L since M will have data pull with a formula. But I am not sure how to or where to add the range to make it work. Can I please ave your help? Dim iRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set...
  14. V

    Three spreadsheets to become one

    I keep records of electricity, gas and water consumption, which at the moment are on individual spreadsheets. I want to create a functioning spreadsheet of three original sheets to contain those I first mentioned. Copy and paste seems not to work, as each new item posted to the recipient sheet...
  15. N

    Database as weekly reminder

    i have a series of clients that need work doing. each one has house work on at a different frequency. some weekly, some 2 weekly, some 6 weekly etc. in additional these clients have garden work on at a different frequency I would like to be able to add these clients to a database, say the work...
  16. Darth_Williams

    Filters & Drop Down Lists

    Good afternoon all, I have created a spreadsheet that uses drop down lists to control the data that is entered. A problem that I have encountered though is that I can not now apply filters to my headers. Does anyone know of a work around for this or is it a by product of using drop down lists...
  17. D

    Combining SUMPRODUCT & COUNTIF with multiple criteria in sigle column

    I have a table which has a column containing job status (e.g. live, dead, invoiced etc) and a separate column with a job fee and a third column with a Sub Fee. I have used:- =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(TabJobs[Current Job...
  18. M

    Networkdays + Datevalue

    Hello, In Networkdays formula, we have "holidays" part, where we can easily use excel list of holidays that we created in advance. But what I want to do is to note holidays in the formula manually (not from existing list). For this reason I write holidays in the Networkdays formula with the...
  19. masud8956

    Listing holidays separately and finding values in aggregate

    Hello experts! I don't know if it is too much to ask. I have a situation like the following: A2:A10 shows the timeline of a project. C2:C10 lists all working days between A2 and A10 excluding weekends (marked in red)and public holidays. C2=A2 but for C3 I have used...
  20. S

    Countifs where date is less than

    Hi I'm struggling with getting a formula that will do the above to work. i was actually trying to obtain a count where a date is older than 8 years ago but could not get that to work. So I then tried entering that formula (=DATE(YEAR(TODAY())-8,MONTH(TODAY()),DAY(TODAY()))) in to it's own...

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