workbook change

  1. M

    Preserve data validation input messages when dragging

    I want to be able to retain data validation input messages when dragging the value of one dv cell to another with a different input message. To do this I'm trying to establish a collection of input messages before any edits to the sheet are made so that when I drag a dv cell's value to another a...
  2. M

    Event Macro Not Calling Macro Or Crashing Excel

    I want to call a macro when a cell in the range H2:FAX changes (for all sheets), where X is the last row. However I can't get the event macro posted in ThisWorkbook to call the macro consistently. I did get it to work a couple times by chance, and it worked fine for a while and then suddenly...
  3. D

    Code modification - Log Cell colour change

    Hello, I have found some code on this very forum (Capturing cell color change in VBA) that logs when cell colour is changed on a separate worksheet. How do I adjust that same code so instead of prompting for every single cell it would only prompt once and record the row number instead of cell...
  4. L

    Explanation of syntax for Workbook_SheetChange?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up "protection" on my sheets, and so far sheet.protect doesn't do the job, because I have tables and I don't want my users to be able to add columns to the tables but AllowInsertingColumns = False still allows table columns to be added. So I think I have a solution...
  5. C

    Conflict between macro and workbook sheet change

    I am getting a conflict between a macro and a workbook sheet change. Both work correctly individually, but the combination is giving run-time error 6 Overflow The macro: 1. Cleans sheet "Combined". 2. Loops through worksheets - copy CurrentRegion and paste as values in "Combined". The workbook...
  6. M

    Call macro when a change is made to a Workbook

    I have a workook that I will constantly be adding and removing worksheets. I have a macro that works based off the active sheet. I am trying to figure out how to call that macro at any point if there is a change made to the Workbook. Thank you,
  7. N

    Hide toolbar at workbook change

    Hi everyone, when I switch from workbook 1 to workbook 2, then the toolbar of workbook 1 should be hidden. How can I realize this action in VBA? Best regards nyx1888
  8. W

    Running recorded macro on different workbook

    My brain is hurting from trying to figure this out, so any help would be greatly appreciated : ) I already have a Macro saved to my Personal file in order to use it on any workbook -- the macro is intended to add information to 'Sheet2' of a workbook, as well as paste data from 'Sheet1', as...
  9. T

    Paste value from one workbook to another

    hi, I am looking to paste a value from one workbook to another. When cell A2 = "A Value X" in workbook 1 I want it to copy the value from cell E6 and paste this into the workbook 2. The value should be pasted in the last empty row of the columnA containing the "A Value X" in workbook 2...
  10. H

    Vlookup using external workbook as Table Array

    Hello. I have got incentive reports and every month we get spread sheet of data. I need to Vlookup certain datas e.g checking if there is any new users in the report. All the master files have the same title of "3 digit number" INCENTIVE REPORT. I have come up with this formula the highlight in...
  11. H

    Copying with blanks

    Hi, I have vba which works very well, it copies down to the last row and will paste on the first empty row, however when it is copying it skips blanks, does anybody know how my code could be modified so that it will copy and paste blanks? I'm copying and pasting from multiple workbooks so that...
  12. L

    Disable Workbook_SheetChange for specific worksheets

    Hello All,</SPAN> I am very new to VBA so I would like to apologize in advance if this is a highly trivial and basic question.</SPAN> With that said I am developing a workbook that will ultimately end up serving as a database. In the workbook, there will be ~120 tabs with each tab...
  13. N

    How to access another workbook with VBA

    Normally I would just call Workbooks("workbookname").activate and everything works fine. However, I am calling someone else's script which opens up a new instance of excel with the data I need. The instance of excel that my macro resides in doesn't have access to workbooks in this new instance...
  14. K

    Retrieving values from different workbooks

    I have multiple workbooks that I'd like to pull only bits of information from, like totals. When I try to pull a total I've been using =[PracticeTemplate]Sheet1!E7 which comes up with a value of '0' and the actual value in the original workbook is '31'. What am I missing? Would an update...
  15. Gingertrees

    Workbook_Change help please!

    OK I tried but I can't figure this one out. I have a list of IDs on Sheet1, cells A3:A7, then a list of dates associated with each of these IDs, cells C3:C7. At the top of Sheet 1, in cell B1, is a dropdown list of these IDs. I choose one, and that selection is populated into Sheet 2. =========...

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