1. L

    Copy daily changing rows from a workbook paste to another workbook

    Hello, I’m trying to copy columns A:C down to row 52. ( Attached image source1 and 2) However the amount of rows I want to copy can change day to day. I want to create a macro that will copy in the data but since the amount of rows can change day to day I’m having issues. I’ve thought about...
  2. C

    Copy Worksheets that start with xxx to a new Workbook using a variable for the Workbook name

    I am trying to copy worksheets within a workbook to new workbooks based on the value of the sheet name. So there could be any number of worksheets in the file, say 5 sheets start with the name Allegiance, 2 start with Express, and 3 start with McCollum. I want to copy, either a sheet at a time...
  3. D

    VBA Lookup value in another workbook

    Hi, I'm struggling to find the way in how to use xlookup function, to obtain data from another workbook, but without using the workbook name/path. I want to avoid using the name of the workbook and the path, because its going to be changing each day both name and location, earlier in the macro...
  4. E

    Best way to detect changes in one workbook and make changes in another workbook

    Hi there, I am trying to create a workbook that allows employees to enter working from home hours in one excel workbook - each employee has their own tab and they fill in the days when they were at home. Column D fills colour blue on a day the work from home. Date Start Time Finish Time WFH...
  5. P

    VBA open excel workbooks (without them popping up), and then copying one line item to a master sheet.

    Good Afternoon, Hoping for some help here, I clearly don't know what I am doing. Here is the goal: To update my master spread sheet. I am trying to implement a new project tracker, this will be an excel sheet, named exactly the same thing, for EVERY job. It has a table in it on a hidden...
  6. V

    Compile error on workbooks statement

    Hi, I am having trouble reffering to any workbook using workbooks statement. Every time I try using the workbooks statement I get compile error despite copying the code from tutorial. Example in the image. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. S

    How d I save a workbook from a path and file name listed in cell from a second workbook?

    Hi All, I have a control (Dashboard) workbook/sheet that runs a filtering macro on one report and splits it out to the required fields based on the sort options I have put in. To open this I use Sheets("DASH").Select PathName = Range("K4").Value filename = Range("L4").Value...
  8. K

    I need to copy specific information across several sheets in one workbook into one sheet in a seprate workbook

    Hello, I am trying to rebuild and hopefully automate a very manual report that pulls specific sets of data that's housed in several different sheets in one workbook, onto a corresponding community sheet in a separate workbook. The community data I need is currently pulled by one report and...
  9. M

    Activate next workbook

    Hi all, Every day I export 4 workbooks from Navision. I would like to create a macro that will put all 4 workbooks into one and then do some calculations. The problem is that these workbooks have different names every day. Is there a way to activate the next workbook regardless of the name?
  10. C

    Combine worksheets from multiple workbooks

    Good day experts, I'm attempting to combine one sheet out of multiple workbooks into the sheet where my module is located. The workbooks are located in the same file on the network, but I don't want all of them. The sheet name is the same in each workbook. I found a code that works well at...
  11. S

    List all Open Workbooks in Combobox

    Hi I am trying to create a userform in a MASTER workbook where I want help in listing all Open workbooks including CSV files listed in a Userform combo box. This combobox should include all open workbooks including the ones which are not saved in the local drive. The master WB should be...
  12. A

    At a same time refresh all data connections in all open workbooks

    I have multiple workbooks and I want to refresh all data connections in all open workbooks for that I have given try to following vba code <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height...
  13. A

    VBA to go to previous workbook

    Hello, I have little knowledge of VBA and I usually do my macros by recording and cleaning the code slightly. I want to know if I am working with two different workbooks I can move between them with my macro without referring to their names because everytime I use the macro the names of the...
  14. C

    Pull data from multiple password protected workbooks

    Hello again - I have several individual password protected workbooks - one for each employee, each with a unique password - that collect that employees timekeeping data. I'm trying to make a master sheet that will pull data from each of these individual files into one master file for me (the...
  15. S

    Move sheets to another sheet if condition meets

    Hello Team, I have workbooks stored in the folder with the different names, i have to create a master out of those in one workbook. Workbooks stored in the folder contains name starting from Apples_x.xlsx ddd_Apples_Y.xlsx CCC.Apples.xlsx Grapes_dd.xlsx Grapes_PP.xlsx Each workbook contains...
  16. H

    selecting and naming multiple workbooks from listbox

    Hi - i'm using the code below to show open workbooks which the user can then select one. How do I update the code to allow the user to select multiple workbooks and how do I name them? Code in a Module Dim WB As Workbook For Each WB In Workbooks UserForm5.ListBox1.AddItem WB.Name...
  17. G

    SUMIFS between two different workbooks (SUMPRODUCT solution needed)

    Hi, I have recently discovered that SUMIFS only works between two different workbooks if both workbooks are open at the same time. I've also read to get round this, SUMPRODUCT can be used. That said I can't get it working. The SUMIFS version of the formula I need converting to SUMPRODUCT is...
  18. F

    Get data from another workbook without opening the source workbook

    Hi, I have a workbook which collects data from 80 other workbooks. My macro is taking a painful 30 minutes to open, copy, paste and close all of those 80 workbooks. I'm using, True, True). I've concluded that what takes time is opening the files, so I'm looking for a...
  19. masud8956

    Unable to break external link

    Hi, I have two workbooks. Both have one sheet with identical structure. So, for workbook 2, I just copied the sheet from workbook 1. There after I made amendments to workbook 2 formulas. These two workbooks are not required to be linked in any way. But every time I open workbook 2, I get a...
  20. G

    environ("username") alternative

    Hi, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this one.........thanks in advance. So as part of the company structure individuals have different access to spreadsheets based on their username. Some can only view certain sheets, some read only, some have full access etc etc...

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