1. M

    Activate next workbook

    Hi all, Every day I export 4 workbooks from Navision. I would like to create a macro that will put all 4 workbooks into one and then do some calculations. The problem is that these workbooks have different names every day. Is there a way to activate the next workbook regardless of the name?
  2. C

    Combine worksheets from multiple workbooks

    Good day experts, I'm attempting to combine one sheet out of multiple workbooks into the sheet where my module is located. The workbooks are located in the same file on the network, but I don't want all of them. The sheet name is the same in each workbook. I found a code that works well at...
  3. S

    List all Open Workbooks in Combobox

    Hi I am trying to create a userform in a MASTER workbook where I want help in listing all Open workbooks including CSV files listed in a Userform combo box. This combobox should include all open workbooks including the ones which are not saved in the local drive. The master WB should be...
  4. A

    At a same time refresh all data connections in all open workbooks

    I have multiple workbooks and I want to refresh all data connections in all open workbooks for that I have given try to following vba code <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height...
  5. A

    VBA to go to previous workbook

    Hello, I have little knowledge of VBA and I usually do my macros by recording and cleaning the code slightly. I want to know if I am working with two different workbooks I can move between them with my macro without referring to their names because everytime I use the macro the names of the...
  6. C

    Pull data from multiple password protected workbooks

    Hello again - I have several individual password protected workbooks - one for each employee, each with a unique password - that collect that employees timekeeping data. I'm trying to make a master sheet that will pull data from each of these individual files into one master file for me (the...
  7. S

    Move sheets to another sheet if condition meets

    Hello Team, I have workbooks stored in the folder with the different names, i have to create a master out of those in one workbook. Workbooks stored in the folder contains name starting from Apples_x.xlsx ddd_Apples_Y.xlsx CCC.Apples.xlsx Grapes_dd.xlsx Grapes_PP.xlsx Each workbook contains...
  8. H

    selecting and naming multiple workbooks from listbox

    Hi - i'm using the code below to show open workbooks which the user can then select one. How do I update the code to allow the user to select multiple workbooks and how do I name them? Code in a Module Dim WB As Workbook For Each WB In Workbooks UserForm5.ListBox1.AddItem WB.Name...
  9. G

    SUMIFS between two different workbooks (SUMPRODUCT solution needed)

    Hi, I have recently discovered that SUMIFS only works between two different workbooks if both workbooks are open at the same time. I've also read to get round this, SUMPRODUCT can be used. That said I can't get it working. The SUMIFS version of the formula I need converting to SUMPRODUCT is...
  10. F

    Get data from another workbook without opening the source workbook

    Hi, I have a workbook which collects data from 80 other workbooks. My macro is taking a painful 30 minutes to open, copy, paste and close all of those 80 workbooks. I'm using, True, True). I've concluded that what takes time is opening the files, so I'm looking for a...
  11. masud8956

    Unable to break external link

    Hi, I have two workbooks. Both have one sheet with identical structure. So, for workbook 2, I just copied the sheet from workbook 1. There after I made amendments to workbook 2 formulas. These two workbooks are not required to be linked in any way. But every time I open workbook 2, I get a...
  12. G

    environ("username") alternative

    Hi, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this one.........thanks in advance. So as part of the company structure individuals have different access to spreadsheets based on their username. Some can only view certain sheets, some read only, some have full access etc etc...
  13. S

    Function kicking error with two workbooks

    I have two workbooks identically named- one is the master and one a working copy. If I open both, the second one opening kicks an 9- out of script error. What causes this? Function PrevSheet(RCell As Range) 'Begins Error Handling Code On Error GoTo Helper Dim xIndex As Long...
  14. B

    Keep userform open when closing other workbooks

    Hi all, I have a userform that opens automatically and hides the workbook when I open the file. It all works perfect - and I have it as vbModeless in order that I can use excel for other things. Problem is, when I close the other workbooks, it also closes the userform and workbook that I want...
  15. L


    Hi I am trying to use workbooks.close (the close function of the collection workbooks). So I wrote the code below. but that code will close the workbook i am working on. I wonder if I can close other workbooks but not the one I am on right now using workbooks (collection)? I know I can close...
  16. D

    Structured References between workbooks

    Is it possible to use structured references between workbooks. I have a data work book which is pulling data from a table in a master sheet using row / column references and this is causing me an issue if a column gets added in the master sheet and I want to use structured references to get...
  17. H

    Copying AND pasting (transpose) from multiple workbooks to one master workbook

    Hi there I have several workbooks in one folder that I need to open and copy a number of cells (G2:O2) from the same sheet name ('Output Create') for all of the workbooks into a 'Master' spreadsheet. Within this Master spreadsheet Column A contains a name of a place, which partially matches the...
  18. T

    VBA to Concatenate across multiple workbooks

    I'm trying to write a VBA that will concatenate the same cell across a whole folder of workbooks. Each workbook in the file is the same, just a different topic. I have 15 different workbooks, for example I have Lion, Tiger, and Panther. In sheet 3 column D of each of these books I have some...
  19. V

    Slow recalculation of workbook

    Hi, I have problem with my workbook, I solved first issue with user defined functions, but now I have very slow workbook, with small amount of data (comparing other workbooks I made), can somebody help me? reference to my last thread...
  20. R

    Macro - Print sheets between two marker sheets

    Hello, I have multiple files with varying working and backup sheets but I would like to create a macro that will print the main group of tabs which will always vary in actual names. My initial thought was to create marker workbooks named 'start' and 'end' for example that would mark the...

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