1. K

    Macro running on Shared workbook (Sharepoint)

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience of running macros on a shared workbook? I know that array formulas cause shared issues if they are not locked down and protected before sharing it but what happens when I was to run a few macros? I have a workbook which will be used on a daily basis...
  2. F

    Multiple Workbooks on sharepoint to single master sorted by column B which is a list with a preferred order

    So I have multiple workbooks in SharePoint, the regions data, that I want to conglomerate in a HQ book. The regions workbooks are secured so that each region can only open their workbook but I have permissions to open all of them. The columns are all the same across each regions book. I want to...
  3. D

    import workbooks or sheets to another workbook

    I have created 5 workbooks or sheets which have VBA and macros in them. I have created a new workbook with a userform in it . I would like to copy those other workbooks and sheet into the new one with all formatting and coding. tyvm
  4. P

    VBA to save a workbook's referenced workbooks and add-ins

    Its pretty annoying having to manually save every related add-in referenced by a workbook. How can I automatically save them upon saving the workbook? So, in the workbook itself I have code in the "ThisWorkbook" module: Private Sub Workbook_AfterSave(ByVal Success As Boolean) If Success...
  5. E

    Copying data from a closed workbook / replacing indirect(concatenate)

    Hello, I need some advice regarding following: Once a month a workbook is created with reports. The structure of the monthly workbooks looks in 2019 like this: Statistics Modell 201906.xlsx Statistics Modell 201905.xlsx Statistics Modell 201904.xlsx Statistics Modell 201903.xlsx Statistics...
  6. M

    Macro Keybinds in different workbooks.

    Is it possible to use the same macro keybind in different workbooks but have only the code tied to the current workbook run?
  7. T

    Excel opening workbook in another instance

    Hi all, I have some multiple workbooks that I have saved on a sharepoint site that have macros to open other workbooks on that site and pull data out of them This all works fine, except sometimes when I open the other workbooks from the sharepoint site. excel seems to open the workbook in...
  8. I

    Access Statusbar in a specific workbook

    I often have several workbooks open. When I run one of my macros, I output to the Statusbar using Application.StatusBar but that output to the statusbar in all of my workbooks. Is there a way to specif which statusbar you want to output to?
  9. M

    VBA - Paste data dynamically in masterworkbook from different workbooks

    Hi Team, please help, My task is to open each workbooks from a range, copy workbooks range and paste in master file, But Challenge I am facing is that firstworkbooks data will be pasted correctly. but second workbooks Data should be pasted in specified range of Master workbook.and row should...
  10. E

    Refresh all connections VBA

    Some of my workbooks have a connection that pulls data from a website. I need to batch open those workbooks and update the connection. The problem is that the code is not working, I suppose that's because I was unable to be "BackgroundQuery: = False" before reflashall and not wait until update...
  11. K

    CSV variable type

    Hi all! I have a UDF that I utilise when I need to repetitively copy/paste multiple data ranges between two excel workbooks. Sub ACopyPasta(CopyBook As Workbook, CopySheet As String, CopyRange As String, PasteBook As Workbook, PasteSheet As String, PasteRange As String, Optional transpose As...
  12. G

    How do I merge files into one file

    Hi I have a folder with 7 workbooks in it. All workbooks have 3 tabs in them and they are all named the same in each workbook. What im trying to do is merge all the workbooks together into one with all data from each tab. I.E all data in tab one in the 7 workbooks to be merged into tab one...
  13. A

    Multiple Excel Workbooks Open

    Working inExcel 2016 - I typically have anywhere between 5-9 workbooks open at one time,working in them all simultaneously. I amtrying to figure out how to not have them linked in a way where if I save one workbook that it doesn’t freeze up the other workbooks(showing the action of saving the...
  14. M

    Selecting data from different workbooks in a new workbook

    Hello all, How do I go about with collecting data from a number of workbooks into a new workbook ShowInvoiceData.xlxm. I've got in every Invoice workbook two cells Date and Invoice Number which I would like to show in a list in ShowIvoiceData workbook. Then I shoud be able to select a Invoice...
  15. E

    Compare Workbooks

    I have two (actually more like 20) workbooks that are intended to have a lot of the same formulas in them, with different hand-entered data, resulting in different values for the formulas. Essentially, creating several workbooks from a top level template. On occasion, I have a need to update...
  16. W

    How to make a user defined table style available in all Excel workbooks

    I have a medical vision issue because of which I am able to only use a dark background. Sometimes I get Microsoft Excel workbooks which are designed to be viewed on a light background. In those cases, I have to change the colours usually using the table style feature available in Microsoft...
  17. J

    reference a cell with a variable row in another workbook

    I am new at vba. I need to locate the row number of certain employees in every workbooks Employee names are sorted differently and are in another column for some workbooks. Workbook names are located in column AC populated using dir(). From the code below, you will notice that $AC14 is static...
  18. R

    Copying data between workbooks

    Hi I'm trying to copy data between workbooks, but i'm getting an 1004 run time error, on the range object that i'm using viz. Workbooks("Origin.xlsx").Worksheets("Data").Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(lastrow, lastcol)).Copy Workbooks("Destination.xlsx").Worksheets("Copy").Range("A1") Please...
  19. M

    Pulling and modifying data points from multiple external workbooks

    Greetings, I am creating a workbook to consolidate data from two other workbooks created by exporting reports from an accounting system. Here are examples from the two exported workbooks: WORKBOOK A <tbody> ItemCode InvValue A 0.00 A 619.42 E 3.00 G 289.56 C 4,459.33 C 44.59 I...
  20. A

    how to make sure seperate workbooks are linked

    Hi All, my excel workbooks are set up in such a way that they are not linked to each other, i.e.if I open up two workbooks and try do vlookup across the two, it does not work. could you please advise how to fix it? thank you

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