1. A

    Need To Get Elapsed Time Between 2 Dates During Working Hours ( All Days Included )

    Hi I need to get the elapsed hours between 2 dates considering that working hours is from 8 AM To 4 PM all days included ( no week ends or holidays ) example : A1 : 11/11/2019 09:31 AM B1 : current time { now() } will be used
  2. S

    Countifs, Sumproduct...?

    Hi, Sorry if there is another thread about this, but I can't find any, or I don't know the right search criteria :-) Please see below table. Do you know a formula to calculate how many times two specific companies, has been working on the same project? In below example the results should be...
  3. K

    nested if gives #value

    I'm been working on a nested formula, with the other parts working but after a week I've worked out my problem is here and it still gives me #Value . After a full day trying several solutions I'm about to 'scream'...
  4. A

    if formula not working and showing false result

    <tbody> <tbody> 10000 </tbody> =IF(A8>0<=100000,25,IF(A8>100000<=500000,50,IF(A8>500000<=50000000,100))) result is showing false . why </tbody>
  5. O

    error message

    i kept getting this message whenever i try to unprotect one of the sheets i was working in excel today. it said this "the password you supplied is not correct. verify that the caps lock key is off and be sure to use the correct capitalization"....but the password i encrypted on are NUMBERS! does...
  6. U

    Excel formula error (not working )

    Hi sir , =IF(L8>O8,"BUY",IF(B8>O8,"BUY-F","")) in the above formula the data in cell no L8 & B8 are Real time data and in O8 Predefined data , if when L8 B8 & O8 cells are Real time data then above function is correctly working but when we want to use O8 CELL as predefined value then above...
  7. L

    creating a new sheet in different workbook

    Hi The code below is working. I have 2 workbooks. Workbooks(1) has the code. When the user enter x = 2 the code below will create a worksheet in Workbooks(2) after worksheets(1). It is working but I wonder, in line 4, why I did not have to do this Workbooks(x).Worksheets.Add...
  8. L

    How to combine values from 2 columns

    I everyone! i have a problem, I want to create a single column from the combination of 2 others from diferent tables... these columns have a null value or a numerical value, like this: COLUMN_TABLE1--COLUMN_TABLE2 ----- WANTED COLUMN_FROM_ANY_TABLE...
  9. J

    Calculate Work-back Schedule - Business Days and Hours

    Hello, I am trying to create a work-back schedule where you enter a launch date/time and the delivery dates of that project are calculated based on hours working backward from that launch date. The working hours should only be business days and hours (M-F, non-holidays, 9am-5pm). The formulas...
  10. R

    If with multiple criteria

    Id like to write a formula that has an if with more then one criteria but nothing seems to be working. =if(n1="ablation", i want to look in a table for two criteria and return the amount in column H.
  11. J

    Count left working days in current month

    Good day everybody, I am facing a relatively trivial problem, but somehow I can not continue. Aussprache lernen I would like to know how (dax measure) many working days are still available in the current business month from today (in Excel/ Power Pivot). I have the following table...
  12. T

    Automatic alphabetic data extraction macro needed

    I came across someone in the office today that has been spending huge amounts of time on unnecessary copy/paste/sort gymnastics and it hurt my soul to watch. I know you geniuses can help me/her out so here's what she's doing... She's working with 3 spreadsheets; I'll call them Initial...
  13. M

    Copy down formula using VBA

    Hi I'm trying to copy a formula from cell B1 and paste it into a fixed range of cells (B7:B11). But it's not working, as expected? I used this Range("b1:b1").copy Range("b7:b11").FillDown But it didn't work. Any ideas why? TIA
  14. V

    Miuns Non Working Hours

    I have this problem, here. Now in a column A I have the End time and in column C in have the start time. Am bit confused with the non working hours From Sun to Thu it is 13:00:00 hrs -- Non working hours On Friday it is 15:00:00 hrs -- Non working hours On Saturday it is 12:00:00 hrs -- Non...
  15. M

    VBA- Excel formula not working in vba

    Hi Team Need two help here, First Help, I am pasting Below excel formula into vba, its not working. it works in excel. '=SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(MATCH($A$2:$A$18,{"A","B"},0))*ISNUMBER(MATCH($B$2:$B$18,{"X","Y","Z"},0)))...
  16. D

    Sales from days of this month vs same quantity of days same month last year.

    Hello, first of all thanks for your help. What I want to do is to compare the cumulative sales from working days since first of the month to current date vs the sales of the same quantity of working days same month last year. Lets say today is September 4, 2019 and we work from Monday to...
  17. L

    helping creating working formula

    Sorry for naive question, but appreciate somebody could helping me. thanks
  18. M

    Shrinking Data Validation Drop List with a column in between

    Hello All, This is my first post, I've looked though the forums and I've found some items that come close but not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm working on shrinking drop down list with data validation. I'm able to get it working while using 1 column and adjacent columns, the issue comes...
  19. K

    Excel VBA: WebBrowser Control Is Not Working In Windows 10

    Hi, I have a webbrowser control in a form, where a html files contents shows in it, it is working fine in windows 7, but I don't know it is not working in Windows 10. Code Not Working:- below code fires on click event of a button If Sheet1.CheckBoxes("chkMailBody").Value = 1 Then...
  20. N

    Net Working Days

    Hi- I built an excel calculator that will determine the numberof total work days between two dates. The tricky part I have is I need to avoid all weekends. I have a start date in C16, and the problem Iam having is, if that date in C16 is a weekend of a holiday, (I have an arrayin L16:L28 for...

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