1. P

    Minimum If with dates

    Hi, I have a list of weekly dates in Column A and Costs in Column C. I am trying to find the lowest value of C if the date is before this week (as the values constantly go up, using min gives a misleading result as every week starts at £0. My formula (array) is as follows: <k11,c:c,""))[...
  2. M

    VBA - adding one formula works, but the other doesn't?

    Hi I've got a script that adds a formula to a cell and drags it down. However, I'm stumped by the fact that one formula works, but the other doesn't! So this Sub works (where the last line adds and drags the formula : "=IFERROR((AY16/K16)-AF16,"""")" But the formula at the end of the...
  3. N

    Cannot delete page break in Excel

    I have a page break that is making the first page very small, I have tried everything to delete it and nothing works. Heeeellllpppp!!!
  4. M

    Can you save a sort in a Custom View?

    Okay, I've sorted my sheet the want want to view something, and have saved it as a Custom View. When I remove all of the filters, and test the view by selecting it, everything works except for the sort. I'd like for it to sort from smallest (number) to biggest. Is this possible?
  5. T

    INDEX and looking for match in multiple columns

    Hello, I am trying to use Index:Match to find a value in several different columns then return the result of a column once I find a match. Here is the sample formula I am trying...
  6. J

    @MATCH Function?

    Hi I've inherited a spreadsheet which has the following formula in it =HLOOKUP($AZ$3,$C$13:$P$53,@MATCH(C16,$C$15:$C$53,0)+2,FALSE) I'm happy with how it works but I've never seen the @MATCH phrase before, how does this differ from a straight MATCH statement ? I've tried deleting the @ and...
  7. sparky2205

    "Paste method of Worksheet class failed" but only on alternate executions

    Hi folks, can anyone tell me why this works every alternate time it's run? Run it and it works fine. Run it again "Paste method of Worksheet class failed" Run it again it works fine. Run it again "Paste method of Worksheet class failed" etc..... Thanks. Sub CopyRows() Dim RowNum As Integer Dim...
  8. M

    Calculating Hours Worked and breaks taken

    Hello I thought I already posted this question but couldn’t find it anyways here I go I am working on a weekly staffing schedule and it has the follow info type C13 = start time ( 8:30 Am) D13=End-time (5:00 PM) E13 =Hours worked ( subtracting breaks with the following rules ) Works < 6...
  9. K

    Buttons on works Books

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to make some changes to an old work book. It has some buttons that are slightly different to anything I have come across before. I am used to buttons that have a macro assigned to them, however these buttons are all triggered by cmd_Click events on the work sheets...
  10. S

    Access Annoyance: ComboBox Ordeal

    Okay, I create a combo box in my form, to work with a query below. It is supposed to search for two columns in the query. It works at first. Then, I change the combo box to sort ascending and then it goes bonkers.. When I click on a name/area (my two fields) it will find the name but a...
  11. A

    How this codes work?? Any master could explain?

    Hi, thanks for visiting my post. Basically I have the code already and they do work. But I dun understand the logic behind. For learning purpose, anyone could teach me why the below works? Codes dun understand have been highlighted Please assume I am a beginner. Task: To copy some cells with...
  12. N

    VBA - Quick question

    Hey all! I'm sure this is an easy one, but I'm not very familiar with VBA. Essentially I'm trying to hide a submit button until one of the two selections are made from a drop down in I8. The below works for one phrase, but I can't figure out how to add another phrase to it. I want it so if...
  13. M

    imported text not recognised in vlookup

    Hello I have a problem whereby I have to copy data from my work system into excel and then run a vlookup againt the data. The problem is that the data is not recognised by the vlookup formula in all cases. the data is part numbers, and is a mix of numerical and alpha numerical. eg 30524 30536...
  14. L

    time function in vba

    Hi I wrote the code below and it works but to my surprised when I checked the list of VBA functions here I could not find TIME function. My question, why the code below works? Thank you very much. Sub mytest3() MsgBox Time End Sub
  15. N


    This may seem like a simple question but the answer has evaded me so far. I have created an Excel 2007 sheet which has a dozen hyperlinks to different websites, they all work perfectly except one and thats ( ) , whenever I click on this I get ( Unable to open...
  16. K

    Future value formula

    Hi I have a standard calculation that I work out for interest that I am happy works correctly =SUM(G5*F5*D5/365) Yet when i use the FV function I am getting a different total for this one calculation based on £1000 @ 8% =FV(F5/365,D5,0,-G5)-G5 I should be getting 22p at 8% which is what...
  17. W

    What does this mean?

    HI, I've been using this formula for some time and I can just about fudge the way it works. =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Courses&"'!b:b"),$B4,INDIRECT("'"&Courses&"'!"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(REPT(ADDRESS(1,COLUMNS($A:G),4),2),1,":",1),1,"")))) I understand its looking at the named range...
  18. T

    Application.Visible=False not working on some PC's

    Hey Folks, I have been running a excel file for a while now with no issues but recently i have had a problem on my PC. I have Application.Visible=False on This Workbook and it works fine on other PC's but on mine it closes the App then opens it again immediately. The code must be good...
  19. K

    Vlookup doesn't yet exist

    Hi guys; I have a excel workbook, that holds a number of worksheet templates, which I call my Control_Workbook I have another Workbook called - Device_Workbook Device workbook has a permanent sheet called Ip_Adresses. My Control_book copies a sheet into my Device_workbook called "Devices"...
  20. B

    ConcatenatingTwo Formulas

    [PHP]This formula works: if(I57>0,if(D59=I57,"p"),if(I57<0,if(D59=abs(I57),"p") This formula also works: if(I57<0,if(D59>abs(I57),"w","l"),if(I57>0,if(I57</d59,"l","w"))))))) </d59,"l","w")] </d59,"l","w")
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