1. M

    Looping through various worksheets VBA

    Hello, I am looking to create a loop to run through all the worksheets in my workbook to run some code that clears the contents of "blank cells". The code works for the active worksheet but doesn't seem to run through the loop to the next one. Sub WorksheetLoop() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each...
  2. K

    Comparing two sheets

    Hello gurus, I've been trying to nut this one out but it's got me stumped. Scenario: I have two worksheets. The 2nd (System Security Plan Annex Template (March 2023)) is considered a new version of the first (System Security Plan Annex Template (December 2022)) therefore it will mostly have the...
  3. R

    Prevent creating duplicate worksheets in a loop (VBA)

    Hello, I have VBA code with an inputbox where you can enter specific years in order to create worksheets containing the months of this year. Now, if the year is entered twice, then the sub should be exited with the messagebox "This year has already been entered". Anyone has the VBA knowledge...
  4. C

    Copy Worksheets that start with xxx to a new Workbook using a variable for the Workbook name

    I am trying to copy worksheets within a workbook to new workbooks based on the value of the sheet name. So there could be any number of worksheets in the file, say 5 sheets start with the name Allegiance, 2 start with Express, and 3 start with McCollum. I want to copy, either a sheet at a time...
  5. S

    Looping through worksheets not working

    I have the code below and seems pretty standard but it only runs for 1 worksheet and doesnt loop through them all. Cant figure out whats worng Sub formatdata2() Dim keepcolumn As Variant Dim fnd As Variant Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets 'Cells(1, 1).Select...
  6. R

    [VBA] Trying to use sheet names in listbox as source to run code - can't figure out reference

    Trying to keep this as simple and clear as possible as it is pretty involved but happy to post more to get to a solution if necessary. I've got a command that works. I'm trying to shift from using a cell (cell is a named range) where you input a sheet name and it does the action on that sheet...
  7. C

    Count Words in cell and ignore blanks

    Hello, I am trying to create a word/phrase counter where it counts the contents of the cell (regardless of how many words are in there), and shows how many times it appears in the range. I apologize if it sounds confusing, but here is the example: Source: Genre Number Historical...
  8. S

    Copy data from all worksheets into one but not below but sideways

    Hello. How to copy data from all worksheets in a workbook, into a new single worksheet, creating a new worksheet named "Combined" but not adding them below into same columns (last used row +1), but to the side. First data from the first copied worksheet into "Combined" shoud go into A1, then...
  9. G

    Exclude one sheet name from "For Each ws In Worksheets"

    Hi there, I have a macro that walks through each worksheet in a workbook and gets data to collate into another workbook. I would like to add another worksheet where I will analyze the data that has been collated. How can I keep the analysis worksheet that I created after the initial macro run...
  10. C

    Merge tables/cells from multiple worksheets

    I have a workbook that contains several worksheet, each with exactly the same layout but differing data. This is an expense report and each worksheet is a different employee's expense report. Each sheet has varying numbers of entries, and is broken into (possibly) two pages. Page 1 and page 2...
  11. C

    Loop through worksheets take last line add to summary tab

    1) Loop through unknown amount of tabs. Take the last row containing data from each worksheet move to the top of each worksheet 2) Look through unknown amount of tabs. Take last row from each tab and input in same order on a summary tab. Unknown number of tabs as I want to build this to support...
  12. G

    VBA Loop through all worksheets in a file , find a specific value and delete all rows above that value

    Hi All, I have a work book with the word " Work Order" in many of the worksheets. I am looking for a VBA code that would loop through all worksheets , find the cell containing the term "work order" and delete all rows above it. Regards
  13. G

    VBA Loop through worksheets and update formula

    Hi All, I have a list of worksheet names in "Sheet1" range B2:B100. I would like to paste the formula : ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=CONCATENATE(Sheet1!R[1]C[1],""C25"")" into cell A1 of each worksheet mentioned in column B of Sheet1. However, the concatenate formula should keep updating...
  14. M

    Find, Copy and Paste across all worksheets

    Hi, I'm really need help with this. Been trying to achieve this for the last 2 days. On my first worksheet, I have Values in column A and column B there are also values but they are hyperlinks. I'm trying to find the cells with the values from A across the rest of my worksheets and and replace...
  15. A

    VBA/Macro "Return to most recent worksheet"

    I have a macro I want to iron out... I need to copy/paste specific columns from one work sheet to another. I believe I have it to where when I run the macro, it will successfully copy/paste the columns. My problem is the way I wrote the macro, it only knows to do it between two certain...
  16. M

    Altering conditional formatting macro to work across different worksheets

    Hi there, I have a conditional formatting macro that works well comparing lists of non-matching data on the same worksheet. What it does fail to do is to also compare data lists on two different worksheets. Is there a way to adjust the code so that it handles selecting data from 2 different...
  17. N

    Looking to find cell value among specific sheets in workbook

    Hi, Thanks for looking at my question. I am working in Excel 2016. I want to look up a specific cell value from among a range of worksheets (in the same workbook) and have it return the worksheet name the value is found on. The sample page from the workbook is in the link below, i tried to...
  18. S

    Copy worksheets to new workbook, delete connections, then save new workbook

    I am trying to copy two worksheets to a new workbook and rename/save that new workbook. When I copy the worksheets over - the queries are copying with it...which is causing issues when I try to save the new workbook. To get around this, I am having to delete the queries / connections...then...
  19. Dan Wilson

    Controlling print-outs

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook that contains seven worksheets. Each of the worksheets has a group of Macros that allow the user to sort the data of each worksheet by different columns. The worksheets contain up to 200 rows with 125...
  20. G

    Hide and Show worksheets

    Hi everyone I have a question in regards to hiding worksheets.. i do know how to do this in the usual manner. although i was wondering is there a way using vba to hide a worksheet, and then show the worksheet if a user clicks on a button, then once the user goes back to the main dashboard the...

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