1. M

    Altering conditional formatting macro to work across different worksheets

    Hi there, I have a conditional formatting macro that works well comparing lists of non-matching data on the same worksheet. What it does fail to do is to also compare data lists on two different worksheets. Is there a way to adjust the code so that it handles selecting data from 2 different...
  2. N

    Looking to find cell value among specific sheets in workbook

    Hi, Thanks for looking at my question. I am working in Excel 2016. I want to look up a specific cell value from among a range of worksheets (in the same workbook) and have it return the worksheet name the value is found on. The sample page from the workbook is in the link below, i tried to...
  3. S

    Copy worksheets to new workbook, delete connections, then save new workbook

    I am trying to copy two worksheets to a new workbook and rename/save that new workbook. When I copy the worksheets over - the queries are copying with it...which is causing issues when I try to save the new workbook. To get around this, I am having to delete the queries / connections...then...
  4. Dan Wilson

    Controlling print-outs

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook that contains seven worksheets. Each of the worksheets has a group of Macros that allow the user to sort the data of each worksheet by different columns. The worksheets contain up to 200 rows with 125...
  5. G

    Hide and Show worksheets

    Hi everyone I have a question in regards to hiding worksheets.. i do know how to do this in the usual manner. although i was wondering is there a way using vba to hide a worksheet, and then show the worksheet if a user clicks on a button, then once the user goes back to the main dashboard the...
  6. S

    Show different worksheets with Camera Tool but the ability to edit data shown?

    Using this YouTube video as a guide I have created a Dashboard of sorts which has a Dropdown box and this shows data from numerous sources. The sources are mainly Pivot Tables but is there a way to actually edit whatever is being shown in the Camera...
  7. C

    SumIf Across Multiple Worksheets

    Hello Everyone, wondering if someone might be able to help me out with a formula I am having trouble with. I have researched the formula extensively on-line and can't seem to get it to work. Basically, I am trying to use a sumifs formula with multiple criteria that sums across multiple...
  8. D

    Average over multiple worksheets

    Looking to get the average of a single cell over multiple worksheets, but I need it to always go to the last worksheet as I will be adding more sheets. =AVERAGE(Sheet1:????!A1) Thanks
  9. tlc53

    VBA Code Amend - Protect All Worksheets, Allow Formatting of Columns & Rows

    Hi, I found this neat VBA code to protect / unprotect all worksheets without having to do each one manually. See below. The only problem is, it only allows; - Select Locked Cells - Select Unlocked Cells Whereas I want another 2 options to be included as well; - Format columns - Format rows Does...
  10. 0

    Change cell value on multiple worksheets using a wildcard

    My workbook contains many sheets and before closing the workbook I would like to replace the same cell on all worksheets with the same text. For example, certain cells replace all that start with "rateid_???". I have tried the following code but receive an error on the IF ws.Range…… row. Could...
  11. E

    Loop through sheets in another workbook

    Hi all, Need some help adding some coding to loop through tabs in another workbook. The code opens up a file(s) in a specific folder and the aim is to just copy all data in all tabs into one tab within DataDump file. Sub Execute_Files()Dim objFSO As Object, objFolder As Object, objFile As...
  12. D

    VBA to create Worksheets from Template

    I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. The first worksheet is named "COURSEID" with a list of course IDs, the second worksheet is named "Template" that has formulas. I would like to copy the Template worksheet, and name the copies from a list in COURSEID from A2:A77. The VBA code below is not...
  13. D

    save excel sheets as pdf via vba

    i need to re-arrange the tabs so that it saves the PDF in that there way to do this without manually moving the worksheets? i tried re-arranging the sheet names in the vba array code, but that didnt seem to do the trickl
  14. S

    VBA solution to create worksheets based on cell value and then copy data to its new worksheet

    Hello, I'm looking for some code that will: 1. Evaluate my data set in my "test" worksheet. The header for my data set begins in worksheet("Test"), cell A3, and the size of the data set varies weekly. 2. Create new worksheets (and name the new worksheet) based on the cell content is the...
  15. P

    Sorting Data over several worksheets

    I have a excel file that has 7 worksheets in it. I have a button set up that says Sort data. I want to be able to use one button (Sort Data) to sort data over those 7 sheets but each sheet be alphabetized by its self. Also i want the cells that are to be sorted on each sheet to be: A3:AL32 and...
  16. L

    Copying from only select worksheets within multiple workbooks

    Hi, I've got some code that is looping through multiple workbooks (with multiple worksheets) to copy data however it's pulling ALL the worksheets within these workbooks and i'd like to limit it the copying to specific ones. Is there a way to list the worksheets that i only want the code to...
  17. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with 7 worksheets with several Macros. There is also a Macro in the "This Workbook" that runs every time the workbook is opened to set all the workbooks to a generic condition. Recently I discovered the need to use the...
  18. I

    Linking two worksheets in word

    This is probably an easy one but, I have two excel 2003 worksheets in a single Microsoft Word doc.. Is there a way I can link them? Or at least a sum on one page to another? What I have is a long spreadsheet that I wish I could fit on one sheet but it is way to long. I had to put the information...
  19. S

    How to disable macro recording at a workbook level

    Hi there, I'm working on developing a spreadsheet that locks down all data entered to text only - and contains no formulas, and will not allow recording of macros. So I locked down the format of the worksheets to text, and the structure of the spreadsheet to not add more worksheets, and...
  20. H

    VBA: Button that create a new worksheets and copy data to the new one

    Hello! Im having a bit of a problem with my code, and it might be very easy for you. Im very new at this. Problem: I want a commandbutton that create new worksheets. The new worksheets gets its name from the value in CELL B12. And when it have created the new worksheet, it should copy a range...

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