1. D

    Wrap-text Format Question

    Hello, I have a worksheet that contains a parent product in column A, a Catagory in column B, and part numbers in column C, and again in column D. The goal is to combine all part numbers in column C and D. Normally I would find and replace all " " with "," followed by a =CONCATENATE(C2,",",D2)...
  2. J

    Making a Merged cell autofit with using wraptext

    I have an issue I'm hoping you guys can help with. Basically, I would like excel to wrap within a dynamic merged box, kind of like you would get if you were typing into a word document. Does that make sense? I know if you just use wrap text, the system automatically adjusts the height of the...
  3. N

    Imported wrap text

    Very interesting. The data is imported from another source like this: 48 Limestone St.Markham, ON L6B0P6 (no space after St.) When applying Wrap Text it shows up as: 48 Limestone St. Markham, ON L6BOP6 When I use =Left(cell, 18) or =left(cell,17) I note that the result is the same - 48...
  4. P

    Wrap text for date values

    Hi, I have a date value 9/1/2019 in a cell that is formatted as MMM YYYY so it appears as Sep 2019. I would like the year to appear on a 2nd line in the same row. So instead of Sep 2019 It should be: Sep 2019 How can this be done? Seems wrap text doesn't work on dates. Thanks
  5. P

    wrap text

    Hello good morning, please can you help me, I have the code below but I would like to add a wrap text I have tried .wrap text but it didn't work, can you help please? [CODE]Private Sub CheckBox68_Click() If CheckBox68 =False Then Exit Sub EnRange("F8").Value = Range("F8").Value+ 1...
  6. Q

    If statement to remove cell content

    I have a spreadsheet which, as the user selects a couple of options, builds some CMD lines and outputs a batch file. One cell is using concat to build the CMD line =CONCAT($F$6,C6,$G$6,$H$6,$I$6) but I need to wrap this up so, if there is no data in C6 the concat formula does not apply and the...
  7. A

    IFERROR Formula

    Hi all I have the following formula =IF(P44>5,"",1) which is looking up a formula in cell P44 of =WEEKDAY(O40,2). Now when i get a #VALUE error I have tried to use the formula =IF(ISERROR((P44>5,"",1)),"", 1) but i get a message box saying "There's a problem with this formula Not trying to...
  8. S

    Wrap text on formula doesnt auto adjust

    Hi, I have date in a cell, and i have a formula =a1 to auto populate the cl in D6. I have noticed the wrap text doesnt automatically operate, i suspect because it has a formula? (this cell could have one word or multiple words..) Any ideas what i could do?
  9. P

    How to Wrap text

    Hi good morning, please can you help me I have the code below where I am copying date from a sheet into an email but I want it to wrap text as all information isn't shown when copied over. Please can you help? Private Sub CommandButton8_Click() Range("F8").Value = Range("F8").Value + 1...
  10. K

    How to prevent duplicates.....

    Hi all. A small problem I just can't seem to wrap my head around... I am trying to create a planner and I've tried countif, Datavalidation and conditional formating but when ever I think I am close no dice. My challenge is this: I have X number of people who all have to have lunch together...
  11. M

    LookUp/Match/Index Not Working

    I have the following formula: =(LOOKUP(B3,January!D:D,January!J:J)) B3 = "Agent 3" The Table i am trying to look form is the following: <tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K Location CSM Manager Agent Conformance % Adherence % Inbound Calls Ave Inb Talk Ave Inb Hold Avg Inb Wrap Inb AHT...
  12. M

    Do While

    I have a spreadsheet that looks like: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Wrap Week 40 Week 41 Agent 1 0:05:00 0:08:20 Agent 2 0:06:40 0:03:20 Agent 3 0:05:00 0:05:00 0:00:00 0:00:00 </tbody> I have the below code to e-mail me to tell me if Week 41 is higher/lower/the...
  13. M

    slow calc SUMPROD

    Hi, I am using the formula below simply to add the numbers of one column if certain criterias are met. The file has a large number of formulas like this one and more than that, the data table has a large number of lines and columns. After updating the sql data, the SUMPROD below takes more than...
  14. S

    How to wrap multiple row of text into one cell

    Hi, I try to find solution on the net on how to wrap multiple row of texts into one cell but not able to. Could anyone help. Thanks
  15. R

    Wrap Text

    Hi All, I'm exporting data from an SQL database into Excel 2010. Part of the column headings disappears. When I select "wrap text" it won't wrap the text. The only way is to manually pull the column length down. Some headings are quite long so I do want to wrap the text. Can you help?! Many...
  16. T

    Wrap Text of Several Rows

    Hello, I have around 20 rows of text and I want to wrap them all into one cell. Manually I would have to do the following: Copy text Paste the text into the cell Press Alt + Enter (From where I want the characters to start on a new line) The data set I have is huge. Is there an efficient...
  17. A

    Custom Format of a cell

    I am trying to find a way to custom format a cell to get the following when I use wrap text on the cell: 91% Target I customized the cell format with "00% "Target" but even with wrap text I don't get the above format. When I resize the cell I get ########. I tried using CHAR(10) but that...
  18. E

    Indirect/iferror problem

    This code runs just fine as a formula in a cell and it runs just fine in conditional formatting as long as i don't wrap an IFERROR around it. Once i wrap the IFERROR around it the comparison fails. The ADDRESS function has the correct syntax. I have verified that enter that as a formula in a...
  19. K

    Wrap text in final .csv file

    Hi All, this is kumar, Currently i am working on legacy system(Mainframes) and we use to send the final reports to users in ".csv" file format using SAS. Today we received a new requirement to dynamically "Wrap Text" for particular field. EX: "First Name",="Last Name",="Middle Initial",="DOB...
  20. T

    Making linked cells automatically wrap text

    I have a report that calls upon linked cells with text written in them. I want the linked cell to automatically wrap text when required, but it only wraps if it turn the wrap text off and back on. Can anyone help me with this formatting problem? Thanks!

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