1. L

    wrapping text issue

    Hi I have some issue with wrapping text. In the sheet below. Cell B7 has 5 lines. When I resize column B (make it wider). I will still have 5 lines and each line will have more white spaces. Why is that? why some text form the second line join the first line to fill the white space? Also cell...
  2. S

    Auto fit text in a cell without changing cell size with text wrapping

    hi dears, this is my first query to the forum. I need to autofit variable data in excel sheet without formating but with text wrapping. I am able to either of it,i.ewith wrapping text cell height changes & with shrink to fit it is coming in single line.
  3. M

    How to Select Next Column

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to get code written that will select the next column but am having trouble finding it online, and or just wrapping my head around how to do it, Please Help Thanks
  4. K

    Concatenate help from one worksheet to another

    I can't find a way, without creating a very long process, to concatenate text from a column A (counties) on Sheet1, based on conditions (date range in column B), to a single cell (A1) on Sheet2. The final value must not have duplicates either and text will need to be separated by commas...
  5. B

    Outputting a formatted text file (space delimited *.prn)

    Hi, Using EXCEL 2007, when I try to export a file as a formatted text file (space delimited), it always wants to wrap the resulting file (i.e., it will write out about half the length of each record, and then continue with the remaining half of the record at the end of the file). In other...

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