1. B

    Excel closes wrong instance

    Sometimes when I have two excel workbooks open, If I click the cross on one to close it, the wrong workbook closes without saving. This even happens when the excel closed is on a different screen to the one I have closed. Any ideas what could cause this? Many thanks!!
  2. K

    range error

    I'm new to VBA so be gentle. This just started happening today. Whenever I select a preexisting command button to a macro, I get an error window listing the range as "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" What can I do now? Sub clearswitchboard()...
  3. T

    Not seeing the syntax error

    I have the following formula that is giving me a #VALUE ! error and I've been looking at it so long I can't see where the syntax is wrong. Can someone please help? =IF(AND(Y17="Replacement2",Z8<3),"Wave "&'Project Data Sheet'!J73&" Print Order","Wave "&'Project Data Sheet'!B101&" Print...
  4. J

    VBA Code to Automatically Re-apply Filter

    Hi - does anyone have a working VBA code to automatically reapply a number filter on greater than 0? I have tried 3 or 4 codes that I found by searching but none of them actually seem to do anything! It is possible that I'm doing something wrong in the applying of them though.. :confused:
  5. D

    Trying to insert a formula

    What is wrong with this code to insert a formula? ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("CSS_quote_sheet").Range("M11").Formula "=IF(D11<3,3,D11)"
  6. D

    How to include double quotation marks in a formula in vba

    I am trying to insert a formula using vba but it gives me a syntax error, what is wrong with this line of code? .range("C11").formula = "=IF(A11="","",IF(COUNTIF(Sheet2!$G$87:$DO$97,A11),"Public Holiday",IF(WEEKDAY(A11)=1,"Sun",IF(WEEKDAY(A11)=7,"Sat","Mon-Fri"))))"
  7. E

    Help needed to correct the formula

    Hi, I am sure, that I am missing something silly which is stopping me from getting the desired result. This formula is a small part of a project that I am working on. Can someone please look at the screenshot, and tell me what I am doing wrong? Condition: If C3 = NA and D3 ="" then E3 should...
  8. P

    EXCEL shapes.visible won't work anymore

    I have the following code. It used to work on this spreadsheet but no longer works. ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Shapes("Terminator").Visible = True I know there is nothing wrong with the code because I made a brand new spreadsheet and tested the code and it works. However, there is...
  9. H

    AND & OR Together?

    hi I am trying to get a particular result, but I have obviously got the syntax slightly wrong in my formula and I wonder if someone might look at it and indicate where I went wrong. Here is the formula:- =IF(AND(Q2="L",P2<=2.2,OR(Q2="P",P2<=2.2)),95,IF(AND(Q2="W",P2<=2.2),-100*P2+100,0)) In...
  10. T

    linked table error

    Hello, I am running into an issue where when I tried to enter data in access database, it keeps showing up the pop-ups "name of the data.accdb" is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides". I have...
  11. T

    Pasting Formats

    Hi I have the below code which copies a range data from a workbook and it works well. I just want to copy formatting such as borders and font colour etc. I have tried using .PasteSpecial xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats as per below but it doesn't seem to work. = ws.Range("A1:A13").PasteSpecial...
  12. R

    Invalid qualifier

    Hi All I have set Bcode as String, and have created this string by concatenating the contents of 3 separate cells interspersed with "/". I now need to copy this string to another sheet but the code fails on the second use of BCode with the message "invalid qualifier" I am clearly doing...
  13. E

    IF Formula using 'text' as a condition

    Hi there, Using the IF function, I'm simply looking to return the contents of a cell only if it has text in it. I thought the Logical test might be; IF A1 = " " This is clearly wrong. Can anyone assist please? Also, if the cell is blank (False)then it currently returns a 'zero'. I would...
  14. L

    adding date using date() function

    Hi I have in cell A1=1/1/2019 and I want to add 1 year to that date. So I did this B1 = A1+date(1,0,0) but I got wrong answer <tbody> 01/01/2019 02/12/2019 </tbody> Any idea why? I thought I should get 1/1/2020. Thank you very much.
  15. D

    Nested IF formula

    I am attempting to write a nested if formula that currently looks like this =IF(I15:L15="NA","NA",IF(I15:L15="No","N",IF(I15:L15="Y","Y",""))) and am not getting the expected results. Currently cells I-L all equal NA. I'm sure I did something wrong and am looking for guidance to fix this or even...
  16. T

    Drop Down List not working

    Hello, I know that I can open a drop down list with Alt-Down arrow, but I can't navigate the list by pressing a the first letter of an item in my list when it is open -- When the list is open and I press S, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong or a parameter to add? Thanks in advance for...
  17. C

    Index/Match not working

    Morning all, Apologies for the second Index/Match query this morning... wasn't sure if piggy-backing onto that thread was allowed! I would like the formula to look at two separate cells in one worksheet, compare them to columns A and C in a second sheet and return the value in column E... I...
  18. handri

    VBA prevent wrong item being scan

    Hi, I have a cell start from C7 to C10001. The data here is between PASSED and WRONG. which i created a simple barcode scanner purpose. How i can use a VBA code to stop scanning purpose if WRONG item scanned in the cell(C7 to C10001) Also a popping error message tell that you scan a wrong item...
  19. B

    conditional formatting

    is there a rule I can setup so that the account number in column B highlights in red if I have a word in the description column I that would make it jump out as the incorrect account? like bonus payments go to 6950 and commission payments to 6955. I sometimes accidentally post them to the...
  20. tlc53

    Data Validation - 3 Letters + 2 Numbers

    Hi, Can someone please tell me where I am going wrong here? =AND(LEN(A62)=5,ISTEXT(LEFT(A62,3),ISNUMBER(RIGHT(A62,2)))) Thanks!

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