1. I

    Copy sheet to workbook the text color in a cell dont follow.

    Hello All...I got successfull vba code to copy the worksheet to different workbook. In one worksheet cell have text with color (Title is orange, Status is blue, Plan is black). But when I check the saved copy, the Title text color change to blue...the rest of texts are correct. The funny...
  2. M

    Conditional Format Every Other Group of Rows

    In the screenshot below, you can see that every other group of rows is highlighted based on the EID column. This is a small example that I did manually to show what is needed to be done on a 20k row sheet. I have not been able to come up with a formula to use in the conditional formatting...
  3. M

    WEEKDAY Calc to exclude empty cells

    I have a created a "template" spreadsheet which contains three total rows at the top. The user copies and pastes an entire month of data into the rows below total rows and the formulas do the rest. The totals use the weekday formula to sum up the data by weekday and weekend. I have my calc...
  4. D

    CSV to XLSX conversion

    Hi everyone. I am trying to come up with solution to convert .csv file to .xlsx. Although there are many topics regarding that, I am unable to find anything suitable for me and I am not that experienced in VBA to write the script myself, yet ;( I would like to create an ActiveX Control button...
  5. E

    How to stop Excel's "Save As" function from defaulting to Text (Tab) on XLS files?

    So whenever I attempt to save a fresh excel file, it will have my default save as option as XLSX. But I frequently have to download XLS files and then edit them. Whenever I finish I go to save as, and it tries to save it as a text (tab delim) file every single time. I have checked and confirmed...
  6. M

    Need to make multiple copies of shift report with different dates in the name of the xlsx file.

    I am a lead maintenance mechanic and trying to figure out how to create dated shift reports. Our naming system is (Master file is named "Shift Report.xlsx") Shift Report 7-16-2021 D1 Shift Report 7-16-2021 N1 Shift Report 7-17-2021 D1 Shift Report 7-17-2021 N1 etc... I have to generate these...
  7. F

    How to make Macro read the current folder and change tabulation ?

    Hi All I have a macro in which I have to change the folder adress everytime I want to convert CSV to XLSX. how do I make it read the folder that I copy the excel file in it ? and how do I convert the tabulation of those CSV file that have semicolon ; to xlsx with separate columns ? this is my...
  8. J

    How to detect / bypass the Workbook Recovery window and process

    I'm working with a Word/VBA system, and as it goes, it opens an XLSX to get some information from it. One of many users reported that nothing came from the XLSX, so I manually opened Excel to open the file which the code should have opened, just to prove it wasn't a permissions / access issue...
  9. M

    VBA Code to show two different file types

    Hi I'd like to run code which opens a folder and only shows two specific file types (binary and xlsx files). I've got the code below, but it only shows xlsx files when run. Does anyone know why binary files are not shown, as well? TIA Sub BinaryOrXls() Dim fd As Office.FileDialog...
  10. J

    Save as Workbook

    Hi, I have macro excel Sheet and I would like to save as xlsx format with application.username along with ddmmyyhhmmss in a specific folder without closing excel macrowork excel sheet.. Please advise if we can copy clipboard on last saved xlsx worksheet. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:= _...
  11. B

    Save As Non Macro Enabled Worksheet-VBA

    I was trying to create a macro that when I open a workbook that is macro-enabled I could simply run some code that will change it to an xls or xlsx and save it as the current file name. I need it to save it to its current location. Thanks as always
  12. Y

    Get File Format Using File Content

    how can i get the file format of pptx, docx, xlsx files with vba without using their extension?
  13. DataBlake

    Insert 1st sheet of most recent xlsx file from directory [vba]

    I'm looking for a way to insert an entire sheet from whatever the most recent xlsx file is from a specific folder location so lets say theres 3 xlsx files in "C:\Users\bsnyder\Desktop\Excel Program\backups" i would want it to automatically insert a sheet with the data of the first sheet of the...
  14. M

    Load and merge xlsx into xlsm workbook

    Hi. I am having trouble visualising the best way forward for this problem. I currently have a master workbook with three sheets A,B,C Within this master workbook, there area a number of buttons and VBA code On sheet "A" , and one for example can duplicate sheet A, to A1, A2 etc. I then...
  15. M

    Any chance mdb to get data from xlsx

    I know accdb is better to be used to get linked data from xlsx. But for some reason my platform can only use mdb. Anyone got any experience mdb can also get linked table data from xlsx ? Help...
  16. S

    convert xls to xlxs files.

    I found a macro online that works to convert .xls files to .xlsx files. But it works for one file at a time. I would like to modify this code so it loops through all the files found in a folder. Folder path is static (does not change). Currently I have these files in...
  17. XL Pro

    Save as v2007 explicitly?

    In XL 2016: Is there a VBA fileformat for saving an Excel file explicitly as ver 2007? I have a legacy program that can read an Excel 2007 xlsx file, but not 2016.
  18. V

    VBA to copy/paste formatting from open XLSX file to many closed XLSX files

    I have an open xlsx file with a page that has formatting that I want to copy/paste (formatting only) into a number of other single-page xlsx files in the same folder. How can I do this using VBA? :confused::confused::confused:
  19. C

    Convert CSV to XLSX keeping columns and unicode

    I have a directory with semicolon-delimited CSV files containing unicode signs. I try to convert them to XLSX using the solution from this thread, but fail in important parts: the code makes XLSX from CSV, but all CSV data comes into the same column and all unicode signs are broken. However, if...
  20. D

    Run-time error '1004': Method 'Activate' of object '_Workbook' failed only on new PC

    Hi Folks, I have an old excel model last modified in 2010 that was written by a pretty decent VBA / SQL programmer who has since deceased. All our old machines are running Windows 7 professional on a 64 bit OS using 32 bit Excel 2013 (8 gb RAM). A new PC installed recently runs...

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