1. M

    Trouble with IF Formula & Comparing Dates

    Hi everyone, I am working on a case management tool and am trying to identify 6 different types of renewals by comparing submission month, day, and year between two different cells. D2 is the certification period end date (renewal date), and D4 is the date we received the renewal form. I have...
  2. F

    DATEDIF to show both positive and negative years, months and days

    Hi, I am trying to use a formula to show both positive and negative years, months and days between two date columns. I can get where I want showing a positive or negative number of months using =IF(L2>M2,-DATEDIF(M2,L2,"M"),(DATEDIF(L2,M2,"M"))) Where column L is "Retail Sale Date" and column...
  3. T

    How to add a certain amount of years to a date?

    In cell A I have a date (e. 22-Jan-16). In cell B I have a number (ie. 10). How do I make cell C return the cell A date plus the number in cell B in years? So it would return 22-Jan-26.
  4. F

    Today's date - 5 years

    Hi all - I NEED SOME HELP!! I have 3 drop down lists - DATE (D2); MONTH (E2); YEAR (G2) I have annual leave allowance based on time served - (Q2) 25.0 (<5 years service); (Q3) 30.0 (>5 years service but started after 30/4/2013); (Q4) 31.5 (>5 years service and started on or prior to 30/4/2013)...
  5. F


    I'm after some help! :confused: I have 3 data validation lists - E4 (01-31); F4 (Jan-Dec); H4 (2019-1969) and I want to check what the User selects - IF their input is ON or BEFORE 30-04-2013 the result cell will be 31.5 IF it is AFTER 30-04-2013 and the Users input is GREATER than 5 years...
  6. J

    OLAP Pivot

    Hello, This is the 1st time I am working with OLAP Cube Pivots. Need help please. I have a OLAP Cube pivot that has years from 1900 to current year. However it is missing few years in between. I need to be able to select all the years except for the last 15 years (2004 to 2019 needs to be...
  7. C

    IF or IF(And) formula for 3 logical tests - Excel 2016

    I know this is a fairly easy question but as my Excel is very rusty and I am trying to learn the features of Excel 2016 this has me stumped. The question I have been given is - Enter a function to calculate the award give - my chart has from 4 years of service to 27 years. If the employee has...
  8. S

    Vacation Time Formula

    First off, I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered! I am looking for a formula to determine employee vacation time. Our VT is distributed in hours not days, and no hours can be carried over to the next calendar year. My spreadsheet already has employment start dates...
  9. R

    Year to Date Totals - Automatic formula adjusting

    I've got a spreadsheet containing customer counts for each period of various years. As part of our periodic review process, we look at the year to date counts for a given period, compared to the same time frame for previous years. Currently, I adjust nine rows to include only the desired...
  10. W

    Multiple Products by Month over multiple years

    Good day, I have a need to consolidate monthly sales data from multiple years for many products. The sales data is in a spreadsheet for each year. The products sold have had some added and some discontinued over the years, and currently an overall master list does not exist that covers this...
  11. J

    Pivot table grouping into months/ years not working

    hello please can someone help me. I am using Excel 2016 and in my pivot table, I tried to group my date rows (example 11/12/2018) into months or years. However when I click on 'Group Selection', it automatically assigns Group 1, rather than giving me options to sort into years and months. I...
  12. T

    Average Age using decimals

    Hi I have been given a sheet of ages and asked to calculate the average. However the ages are in decimals e.g. 10.04 = 10 years and 4 months, 11.11 = 11 years and 11 months. Any ideas how to calculate an accurate average in excel?
  13. C

    Formula for Retirement Eligibility Date - min age (58) and years of service plus age is min of 70

    I want to start off with saying that I have scoured the internet to find this answer -- it's driving me crazy. Someone please help!! I need an excel formula that calculates a date based on: 1) Minimum age of 58 years 2) Age plus service is 70 or greater
  14. M

    Summarizing bi-weekly data into years

    I have data I exported that has expenses on a bi-weekly basis. It contains 3 years+current year. It looks like this (condensed): <tbody> <tbody> 1/1/2016- 1/15/2016 </tbody> ..... 8/16/2019- 8/31/2019 9/1/2019- 9/15/2019 9/16/2019- 9/25/2019 Expense 1 500 300 600 700 Expense 2...
  15. M

    Excel 2016, formatting a cell with just a year

    I would like to format a cell with JUST this year, 2019, so that it automatically changes to 2020 next year, and subsequent years. Followed by cells that I would like to list as, the next years that changes also automatically. This Year...
  16. O

    Child Sheet updating Master Sheet (Pivot Table / Power Query)

    Hi everyone, I'm going to post a link to a question I asked in the Excel subreddit. I will also paste the original question here, but note that a discussion ensued which brought me here. Please read the comments to see where myself and u/gravy_boot managed to get to, before we got stuck. OP...
  17. H

    Working out an average in days, months years

    So i'm having a little difficulty working out how to get an average formula to work in regards to days, months & years. I have a spreadsheet which will track employee absence and i would like to be able to see the average duration for absenteeism across all employees. See below for an example...
  18. MUKESHY12390

    Do we have Option ?

    Hi All Do we have option where we can attached "File" while posting question/Answer to this forum? It's been years I have been using this forum but never seen that option. Thanks, Mukesh
  19. B

    Calculation of incremental date on completion of 18 years

    If joining date be between 2nd July to 31st December, the date of 18 years' increment will be 2nd July to 31st December after 18 years. But if the joining be between 1st January to 1st July, the date of 18 years' increment will be 1st July after 18 years. For Example, If A1 = 22/10/2000 as...
  20. N

    IF/And OR vs calculating DOB less than 18 years of Age

    =IF(AL2="",AND(OR(S2="IN",S2="KY",S2="HI",S2="WV")*TODAY()-N2/365)) Above is the formula I wrote to calculate less than 18 years for particular states. This is what I a trying to achieve and not sure how to go about it. Column AL has ID Column S has States Column N has DOB Column AE has...

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