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Aug 15, 2002
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I posted this in the 'Questions about this board' section, but thought it would be good to circulate it here too.

I was just wondering about posting access related questions on the excel forum. Given the nature of the two programs, I would guess that Excel users are also Access users. I have posted a few little access questions on the Excel forum but I feel a little hesitant doing it.

What are your feelings about this?

I know there are Access boards out there, but I haven't found one yet that turns out replies anywhere as quick as this forum on a consistent basis.

My concern is that the little access related Q's I have asked will no doubtedly lead into full force Access questions with no real relevance to Excel, and I don't want to start causing issues in here about what is a legit post (if that makes sense).

Thanks for reading this and I am eagerly awaiting some replies

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A little variety never hurt anyone, and so long as access is mentioned in the message subject noone can complain.

I quite like the access questions, I don't get to use access so much anymore so it's nice to go back and remind myself what it is about.
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There are obviously a lot of similarities between the programs but because Access is relational in nature questions of that nature may not be appropriate. I for one like this board because it is exclusively Excel and feel that Access questions, whilst interesting in small related numbers, could create a larger number of posts to trawl through many of which may not be related to what I am doing.
Personally I think it a backward step and would be agin it.
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At the moment using both and hating Access with a vengance. (I'm on a 'make it up as you go along') learning curve.

I think the idea of Access questions is a good one but I think the 2 forums should be kept seperate. That way it eliminates the confusion of 2 different applications and one forum.

Oh and anyone crossposting should be shot! :wink:

Just my 2p worth.

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I agree that it would definitely have to be in a new forum. That way, people who have no interest or knowledge of Access can ignore it...
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I too use both (although my Access knowledge is hopeless - more used to using SQL & Crystal reports on SQL databases we have here).

However, try as I might, I haven't yet found an access site that compares to this in bothe friendliness & speed of response. I've learnt a ton here, without ever being made to feel ignorant (so cheers guys & gals).

If the Mr Excel Guys thought it was a goer, I'd support a separate Board for Access questions. Not sure how successful it would be in attracting talent with the title "Mr Excel" though......

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I agree - and as others have mentioned, I too am on a "pick it up as you go along" basis with Access - primarily using it for data storage and then querying it via Excel VB. I find that Access forums are often full of developers who can't comprehend a beginner or someone not understanding the intracacies of the application. That is where Mr Excel stands out from the other forums as there are both the likes of Aladin and beginners all using the forum happily together (for the most part).

My only concern would be say in my case where would I post a query I have regarding Excel Access compatability? If I posted in both forums I would be shot apparently! Sometimes it transpires that coding in Access would be better than creating queries in Excel and vice versa.

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i have had to use both programs linked together and i think there is no reason why an access forum should not be added to this page. and quickly, cos i can sense a question coming soon. the visual basic language is quite similar in both programs.
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