Auto Re-Publish warning message


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Apr 26, 2004
This is driving me insane

I have a number workbooks that republish themselfs to a web page every time it is closed

Since these books open and run during the night no one is here to click the ok button when the following message apears

" The workbook you are republishing contains references to other workbooks, pages, or documents, such as a link from Book1.xls that gets the value in cell A1 of Book2.xls. Because external references are not supported in the resulting published Web page, the reference is converted to the last retrieved value on the Web page. The reference in the workbook, however, remains intact.

If you click ok it continues as normal other wise it just sits there...( :devilish: )

I have tried all the usuall code to disable warnings and messages but still it sits there and stops all of my other code from running

can any one help... I'm almost ready for the nut house on this ......



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Feb 17, 2003
FWIW I too have tried everything i can think of in such cases without success. - even trying to use API and Ontime so send a Return or Escape.

Somehow the messages stop everything working - so even OnTime waits until the message is cleared.

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