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Aug 17, 2005
I have a spreadsheet that pulls information from two other sheets. I am now going through and automating it so that another store can use it and I no longer have to set it up for them.

I have created two userforms, and on one the forms the user can input the store data for their district. The userform has input fields for District #, Store name etc. Then I have checkboxes next to store names, and if you check one then it is representing that that store is your location, so that that information is dumped to a different area then the rest of the district.

I am stuggling with the following, one, detecting if the checkbox is true, and if it is setting StoreName to that value, and if it is false moving down the list until it becomes true.

All in all there is room for a user to input 13 stores.

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my code thus far, please bear with me as it is crude as i am just learning.

Private Sub CancelButton_Click()

Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub SaveButton_Click()
    Dim SCell As Range
    Dim SColumn As Range
    Dim DColumn As Range
    Dim DCell As Range
    Set SColumn = ActiveSheet.Range("B:B")
        For Each C In SColumn
        If C.Offset(25, 0).Value = "" Then
            Set SCell = C.Offset(25, 0)
            Exit For
        End If
        SCell.Offset(0, 0).Value = Store1.Value
        SCell.Offset(1, 0).Value = Store2.Value
        SCell.Offset(2, 0).Value = Store3.Value
        SCell.Offset(3, 0).Value = Store4.Value
        SCell.Offset(4, 0).Value = Store5.Value
        SCell.Offset(5, 0).Value = Store6.Value
        SCell.Offset(6, 0).Value = Store7.Value
        SCell.Offset(7, 0).Value = Store8.Value
        SCell.Offset(8, 0).Value = Store9.Value
        SCell.Offset(9, 0).Value = Store10.Value
        SCell.Offset(10, 0).Value = Store11.Value
        SCell.Offset(11, 0).Value = Store12.Value
        SCell.Offset(12, 0).Value = Store13.Value
        SCell.Offset(13, 0).Value = DistrictNumber.Value

'End Store Names
'Start Store Display Names

    Set DColumn = ActiveSheet.Range("C:C")
        For Each C In DColumn
        If C.Offset(20, 0).Value = "" Then
            Set DCell = C.Offset(20, 0)
            Exit For
        End If
        DCell.Offset(4, 0).Value = Display1.Value
        DCell.Offset(5, 0).Value = Display2.Value
        DCell.Offset(6, 0).Value = Display3.Value
        DCell.Offset(7, 0).Value = Display4.Value
        DCell.Offset(8, 0).Value = Display5.Value
        DCell.Offset(9, 0).Value = Display6.Value
        DCell.Offset(10, 0).Value = Display7.Value
        DCell.Offset(11, 0).Value = Display8.Value
        DCell.Offset(12, 0).Value = Display9.Value
        DCell.Offset(13, 0).Value = Display10.Value
        DCell.Offset(14, 0).Value = Display11.Value
        DCell.Offset(15, 0).Value = Display12.Value
        DCell.Offset(16, 0).Value = Display13.Value
        If StoreChk1 = True Then
            StoreName = Store1.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk2 = True Then
            StoreName = Store2.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk3 = True Then
            StoreName = Store3.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk4 = True Then
            StoreName = Store4.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk5 = True Then
        StoreName = Store5.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk6 = True Then
        StoreName = Store6.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk7 = True Then
        StoreName = Store7.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk8 = True Then
        StoreName = Store8.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk9 = True Then
        StoreName = Store9.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk10 = True Then
        StoreName = Store10.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk11 = True Then
        StoreName = Store11.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk12 = True Then
        StoreName = Store12.Value
    End If
        If StoreChk13 = True Then
        StoreName = Store13.Value
    End If
        DCell.Offset(0, 0) = StoreName.Value

        Display1 = ""
        Display2 = ""
        Display3 = ""
        Display4 = ""
        Display5 = ""
        Display6 = ""
        Display7 = ""
        Display8 = ""
        Display9 = ""
        Display10 = ""
        Display11 = ""
        Display12 = ""
        Display13 = ""
        Store1 = ""
        Store2 = ""
        Store3 = ""
        Store4 = ""
        Store5 = ""
        Store6 = ""
        Store7 = ""
        Store8 = ""
        Store9 = ""
        Store10 = ""
        Store11 = ""
        Store12 = ""
        Store13 = ""
        DistrictNumber = ""

'End Store Display Name

End Sub


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New Member
Aug 17, 2005
Still trying to come up with a viable solution, have tried a few different things but i still get no result....

Any help is appreciated.
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