Copy data from Input Worksheet to correct worksheet based on a criteria


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Sep 18, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I need some guidance on how to get started.

I think I need to write some code to achive the following, but not sure what the best solution is.

I have created an Excel Calulator for the work I do, this calulator involes adding carbon values to various worksheet, then these worksheets do various calulations, then the results of these calulations are shown on a summary sheet.

So I would like to
a.) add an imput worksheet
b.) Run some code from a button on the worksheet or something which will copy the values from the input sheet to the correct worksheets, so that I don't have to mannually enter them.
The input sheet will contain the following values
UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number)
Description - e.g. CWI (Cavity Wall Insulation)
Value of the Carbon - e.g. 15.115
Funding for the Carbon - e.g. £30
Type of Property - e.g. Flat
Area - e.g. CSCO

What the code needs to do
Look at the Description and Find the correct Worksheet in this case CWI
Within the Worksheet find the Type of Property in this case Flat
Within the Worksheet find the Area in this case CSCO
once this criteria is meet, enter the Value of the Carbon in this case 15.115 in the first specific cell of the correct column and enter the UPRN in the Specific cell in the same row.
Then loop through the Imput worksheet and find the next record meeting the same criteria and then put the values in the next row in the worksheet and so on until all the matches are found.
Next we would move on to the next criteria which could be the same but a diferent "Area" and so on until all the criteria's have been meet.

To finish, I would like to highlight a row of data in the "input worksheet" where the data does not meet any of the agreed set criteria's.
This will enable me to create additional criteria in the code.

I hope this makes sense, I hope someone can help me with this.

Many Thanks


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