count cell in column for last 5 days with diffrent conditions


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I want program for the below condition.(Last 5 Days Count City wise .) ....( eg .Today is -19th July)

1) Filter to Column "A" Status For Working .
2) Filter to Column "B" City For Pune.
3) Get Till date (Today) Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( Today 19th)
4) Filter Today()-1 & Get date Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( 18th July)
5) Filter Today()-2 & Get date Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( 17th July)
6) Filter Today()-3 & Get date Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( 16th July)
7) Filter Today()-4 & Get date Count of column "A" in the cell of table ( 15th July)

Do the Same condition with other Pending , Pending - Not OK , Waiting

Source Data: -
Pending Pune India Ok19-Jul-18
Pending Mumbai India Ok17-Jun-18
Pending - Not OK London England Not OK16-May-18
Pending - Not OK Pune India Not OK15-Jul-18
Pending Mumbai India Ok18-Jul-18
Pending - Not OK Mumbai India Not OK19-Jul-18
Pending - Not OK London England Not OK17-Jul-18
Pending - Not OK Pune India Not OK16-Jul-18
Waiting London England Ok15-Feb-18
Waiting Pune India Ok18-Jul-18
Waiting Mumbai India Not OK19-Jul-18
Waiting London England Not OK17-Jul-18
Waiting Pune India Ok16-Jun-18
Working Mumbai India Ok5-Mar-18
Working London England Not OK18-Jul-18
Working Pune India Ok19-Jul-18
Working Pune India Ok17-Mar-18
Closed London England Not OK16-Jul-18
Closed London England Not OK15-Jul-18
Closed Pune India Not OK18-Jul-18
Closed Mumbai India Not OK19-Jul-18
Closed London England Ok17-Jul-18
Closed Pune India Ok16-Jul-18
Closed Mumbai India Not OK15-Jul-18
Closed London England Not OK18-Jul-18


Out Put :
PuneWorking Count Pending CountPending - Not OKWaiting Count



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