Creating copy of a workbook from a specific cell value, copying data, save in a folder


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Apr 10, 2020
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Hi everybody,

Been reading and learning alot from here through the years, thank you very much for all the support.

This time i couldn't figure out how to fix this issue, or find a better solution, i'll try to explain what i'm trying to do;

I have a main workbook that shows every delivery, based on item names and their unique delivery numbers. After every delivery, i'm preparing some kind of invoices to send my clients with this quantities and it contains unique number of this delivery. All the items have specific prices (prices are not included in this list) and i have different kind of invoices for each of those products in a different folder. For example in c:\sales invoices folder, i have templates for product a b c d and e. They use the same template but their names are ''D56040 PRoduct A Sales invoice'' or ''D56039 Product B Sales invoice''.

I'm trying to create some kind of macro with shortcut, to be able to create a copy of relevant workbook, rename it with the selected delivery number and item name -> open the workbook and copy the unique delivery number in a specific cell then save and close + convert to pdf when executed. After this number is entered, the workbook will automatically merge the data from my main workbook with the formulas i created. I'm hoping this solution will save me lots of time.

For example under c:\sales invoices folder there is ''D56040 PRoduct A Sales invoice'' workbook. I would like to eouble click Cell F6 which is ''D56042'' to execute the macro, it will create a copy of the workbook ''d56040 PRoduct A Sales invoice'' (by checking it's product name probably) rename it as'' D56042 PRoduct A Sales invoice' copy the F6 cell value ''d56042'' into the new workbook's specific cell then save and close + convert to pdf.

IS such thing possible? I'm waiting for your thoughts and maybe more suitable solutions. Maybe not to keep different product invoices with the same templates but create one template and merge all data from a specific point???

Thank you very much from now.
Regards to all Excel gurus

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