Cropping a first page header image with VBA


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Sep 16, 2014
Hello all-powerful MrExcel board,

I have been dabbling with VBA in Excel for a few years and recently rewrote several routines to make them more bulletproof. Here is what I am attempting to do:

  1. Create a new worksheet
  2. Copy the information as needed from another worksheet
  3. Format the new sheet
  4. Insert one image into the first page header
  5. Crop the first page header image
  6. Insert a second image into the subsequent pages' headers
  7. Crop the second pages' header image

I have been successful with all steps but #5. Yesterday I tried using the macro recorder to generate the proper code for what I was failing to do myself. The macro recorder appeared to work perfectly with the exception of one line:

ExecuteExcel4Macro "(16,774,,,,,,,,,18.01)"
I assume this line would properly crop my first page header image properly if I knew what to do with it. I have been unable to execute this line in anyway. I believe this line is the first page header equivalent of:

With Sheets(1).PageSetup.CenterHeaderPicture
        .Height = 774
        .CropTop = 18.01
End With
The lines above successfully removes 0.25" from the top of the image on the second page header.

Changing the above lines to this:

With Sheets(1).PageSetup.FirstPage.CenterHeaderPicture
        .Height = 774
        .CropTop = 18.01
End With

Results in: Run-Time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method.

Attempting to execute the Macro Recorder line of:

ExecuteExcel4Macro "(16,774,,,,,,,,,18.01)"
Results in: Run-time error '1004': The formula you typed contains an error.

Google searches of my issues have come up empty. Attempts to use ExecuteExcel4Macro properly using the limited data on: Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro Method (Excel) were also unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.

I am running Office Professional Plus 2010 (32-bit) on Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit).

Thank you very much for your time,

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