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Aug 6, 2008
I have an excel file called BOQ.xls where i have two sheets Costing & Data
in Sheet "Data" 5 Colums are in use A1: Supplier Name, B1: Item code, C1: Item Discription, D1:Cost & E1:Picture of the item.

In other sheet "costing" i have two dropdown menu Drop Down1: Supplier Name & 2nd one: Item Code

now about my requirement, on selection of Supplier Name from the Drop down menu the second doropdown menu must show only the item supplying by the selected supplier i.e. if i select supplier A, the dropdown Item must show only items supplying by Supp. A, I have a button on the sheet by clicking i can post the item in A5 and next item in A6 and this will continue.

(My data is starting from Row :A5 in costing sheet : Item Code, Item Name, Cost & picture)

i would like to have one more additional option in this sheet like if i add a check box in the Costing Sheet i would like to use that check sheet as an option like if check that box it should take the picture of the item ( this i can keep in the data sheet or i can keep it separately in a folder)

can any one help me to resolve my this issue? i will be really thankful if any one could suggest me to resolve this.

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