data base

  1. brendalpzm

    Change activeX combo box values depending on cell value

    Hello everyone~ I have a problem with a task that I'm not sure how to do it. I have an excel file where I make quotations and it brings a total quotation at the end. According to that quotation result I have an ActiveX combo box that should bring a specific range of values, for example...
  2. B

    Updating the filepath on formulas automatically

    I'm new to macros and I think the solution to my problem requires one... Please be thorough! I use VLOOKUP to pull from a data base that is shared on Dropbox, so every time the document is being opened from another computer, the formulas are no longer compatible. The name of the file I'm using...
  3. D

    Hyperlinking Cells not Working

    Hi!!! I'm working on a data base where I need to link cells to another sheet, but its not working and i keep getting the "Cannot open the specified file" message. Even the simplest way using =HYPERLINK('Other sheet'!A509) When i use de manual option "Ctrl+K" it does work. But I need to link...
  4. M

    Define excel formula or vba code

    Hello there and I definitely need some help from someone to find a formula or a vba code for my column D. Situation: I'm building a Excel sheet to act as a database and I want some automation. In column A I have a formula for an incremental counter (starting from 1 counting up to 63655 when...
  5. C

    Syntax Error: Crosstab to Flat File Macro

    I recently came across a macro designed to convert crosstabular data to database ready data. You can find the post here... I've recently found a macro that will allow me to convert crosstabular data to a data base format. (You can find it here...
  6. M

    Managing data that regularly updates

    I've recently started sports blogging and I'm looking to do some statistical analysis. I've used a web scraper to record various statistics (Shots, passes, possession etc.) in all major league soccer games for the last 5 years. It looks something like this: <tbody> Home Team Away Team Home...
  7. C

    Auto Fill individual excel forms for each name on spread sheet

    Hello, I have a list of people that need to be sent letters. I have already created a form that will poplulate the letter based on the information input manually. I would like to take it to the next level but auto popluating the letter but pulling information from the data provided in a spread...
  8. C

    Excel / Database

    Hello everyone, I've been searching for(unsuccessfully) a way to create a form in Excel where people can go in and select multiple items from drop down menus then enter the information for the items. Once the form is completed they can select an "enter" button and the form distributes the...
  9. D

    Linking data in reverse

    Hi all, I have created a workbook which consisted of one worksheet in total. You could say it was similar to a summary page, but without really summarizing anything as all of the information was collected in that one sheet. I now wish to change the formatting of the document as I need to input...
  10. D

    Grabbing Last Data Entry

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get the last entry of data from my database per person. The database looks a little like this: <tbody> Person Date of Entry A 1/1/2014 B 1/1/2014 A 2/2/2014 B 3/3/2014 </tbody> On a different sheet I want column 2 to look like this: <tbody> A 2/2/2014 B...
  11. S

    Want to make students marksheet with excell

    I want to make students marksheet . The type i want is a excell sheet I am attaching herewith. but this is downloaded and locked . I want to make a sheet just similar to this . Please help me . I cannot fing any option to attach my file (sample) . How can I attach to show my need ?
  12. C

    Drop down list with a different output than input

    Hi all - I am wondering if there is a way to create a dropdown list that outputs a different value than what the input was. For example, I want the dropdown list to contain full words (Machined, Bought, Assembled ect...) and when you click those words, it outputs a code based on the word (M, B...
  13. L

    MACROS - complex operation for summarising lots of sheets into one data base

    Hello, guys. I need to write a code in visual basic for a complex macro, executing the following commands: There is a workbook with approx. 150 sheets, each sheet being a dossier of a firm, so it is needed a table in another sheet (named 'table') to be made that would summarise all the other...
  14. M

    Permenant list of items, accessible by different files

    Bonjour Je fais beaucoup de different fichier excel, mais ils ont toujours la meme base. Est-ce possible de faire un fichier ou une base qui serait toujours en fonction peut-importe le projet sur lequel je travaille. Je fait souvent des "drop down list" avec toujours les memes informations...
  15. A

    Help with customizing userforms

    Hello, I'm new here and have only been using Excel for a short time, I have however taught myself quite a bit about it, but I'm stuck when it comes to macros and codes. Here's my situation, can you help me? I'm trying to create a database to store and sort sports statistics, ie football stats...
  16. M

    Newbie Challenged by Excel Data Entry form

    Hi All, I've only recently started working with Excel VBA, and am still a bit green behind the ears. I'm modifying a spreadsheet Data Entry for sales staff users to enter data via spreadsheet form. The form contains 107 data rows of numeric, string and date/time data. When a user runs the...
  17. Data base- arrange by brand

    Hi, I have a data base of 8200 products, each product has a code of 6 to 7 characters, the 3 first characters tell me the brand of the product. I will like my database separated by brand of product, hopefully a sheet per brand. Each product have 4 columns : code, description, und, price. can a...
  18. S

    Data Base

    I have an excel file called BOQ.xls where i have two sheets Costing & Data in Sheet "Data" 5 Colums are in use A1: Supplier Name, B1: Item code, C1: Item Discription, D1:Cost & E1:Picture of the item. In other sheet "costing" i have two dropdown menu Drop Down1: Supplier Name & 2nd one: Item...
  19. B

    Automatically storing input

    Hi' I have three questions...please help and guide me. 1) Make a sheet (let us call it A) like in a survey - where people fill in different text boxes and thus provide different information. I took a look at VB, but am novice and need a lot of guidance and help. Ideally every submission would...

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