Doesn't anyone record a macro to learn anymore?


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Apr 9, 2002
I've read so many posts about people wanting to simply copy and paste something and wanting people to code it for them. What happened to recording a macro, then figuring out the code and editting it to what you want? Guess I learned the hard way, but it just seems people are getting lazy and don't want to even try to code before asking questions? I just saw someone wanted code to print out a couple sheets and that's it. OK, so record it and be done!

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Three semi-colons will hide the value in the cell. Although most people use white font instead.
i know the feeling. i had to figure out to code at work... just to remedy the "there has got to be an easier way" feeling... i have pages and pages of recorded macros that i learned from. everything from creating new speets nameing the tabs and saving to if(vlookup) and copy paste. i usually spend hours trying before i ask the question, even then i generally figure it out before i get an answer. its nice to know im not the only one that records macros.
but obviously I haven’t learned to type or spell check... lol ... end of the day and my brain is fried
Ah yes, but why learn, if you have soemone to do it for you.
Have you also noticed that a simple Google search will answer most of the recording questions ?
Just think though, now that you have gained more knowledge, you can decide which posts to look at or not.

Unfortunately, some people lack both the logic skills to code even the simplest VBA , or the mathematical skills to work out which formulae to use, from first principles.

Further, the poster just might be an old bugger like me, that simply can't get their head around stuff like this.......I'm one of the lucky ones......I have some understanding of what I actually need, and am capable of. So, I share what limited knowledge I have, in order that others may learn....I know it's frustrating sometimes.....but we can always log out !!
I guess alot of people don't know that it's even possible to record a macro.

A number of times I've seen posts asking for macro help, and I haven't known exactly what code would work, so I've recorded it myself, and posted back saying something like
"I tried recording a macro, got this, and it seems to work OK...."
which hopefully makes them aware of the possibility of recording.
I guess alot of people don't know that it's even possible to record a macro.

Point well made Gerald! I did a small course in VB3 before I even touched Excel. I discovered the VBE before I discovered that recording was possible.

Another point is that sometimes the recorder doesn't cut it.

No doubt there are some people that come here that are just looking for the solution. If you take offense to that, and believe (s)he is just being lazy, then of course you are free to just skip past that post. Different people use this forum for different purposes. Some people come here for answers, some people come here to learn. This forum is open for both groups.

Note to anybody that wants to contribute to this thread: This thread can easily go down the route of similar recent threads in the Lounge. By these I refer to the threads that some members posted to referring to specific posts and specific members. Please avoid doing the same here because it is very much against the rules and this thread will quickly be removed and moderators will come down hard on you. What with recent occurrences I thought it would be best to appeal here now. Thanks. :)
I do think some people are just being plain lazy, and if I can find the answer using the macro recorder or just by searching this site (I normally do a quick search myself to see if there is definitely an answer) I have advised them. Some listen, some don't.

You gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

The one thing that still gets my goat is people wanting their homework done for them and I have politely made that point to the culprits as well. I'll offer advice, but I ain't doing it for them ;)
When writing new code, my first step is to try the macro recorder. If that isn't satisfactory, then search for the answer. However, many times I've tried the macro recorder and found either no code was recorded or the recorded code would be incompatible with earlier versions of Excel (sort, anyone).

Rather than condemn the poster, I think we should try to educate them not only in Excel/VBA, but in how to record macros and searching using appropriate keywords. I've had many people on this board politely suggest keyword searches which have lead me to great sites that I wouldn't know about without their suggestions.
Is there a collection of cool code - somewhere - just to mess around and see how folks do stuff - I like learning. But been using VB in Visual studio 2005 - and this Excel stuff has a lot of Excel specific code.

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