Excel large sheet: Want to bring right side coloumns visible when needed


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Dear Friends
I am new to this forum and need a solution to my problem:

I have a large sheet and have about 50 headers on coloumn on right side. I need not to scroll to right side and need to bring each coloumn in front of me with one click.
At the same time I need some fixed cells always in front of me while bringing any coloum header visible to me.

But not with freeze pans !

Actually I have started my construction business and need to work on all 50 headers and need to show at top some 3 cells visible to me always, even while I have brought for located right side header

I made "named ranges" to each column and can bring any column I need by clicking "name range" but then I cannot display the very first few top cells "Always". When I call any column with named range, the header come in front but cannot see my left most formulated cells always?

Could you help please?


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Your premise would require either Freeze Panes or Split just for starters.... or you have to write VBA for each and every case you want to display where you would Hide the columns you do not want to see.


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Dear Friends

I have done all what I wanted by reading several Excel forum, if anyone needs my programming, I can send to his/her mail.
However, I need a small help from you:
I need to put a macro button to Window's built function "Alt+Enter" or , in one Excel cell, I can do "Alt+Enter" and then should be to copy this multi-line Format in all Cells of that particular column all the way down by selecting through "Control+****+Down Arrow"?
Is it possible?
My intention is:
To put data in a single cell, do it multi-line but the cell must not expand to several Rows. Alt+Enter is great to do this but I have 100s of cell propagating downwards and I need to put formatting in ALL cells like the one I already did: Alt+Enter , in one go?

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