File Corrupted During Save - Attempts To Resurrect From Backup


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Mar 23, 2004
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After a few years of work on an Excel VBA project, today Excel crashed on me and the result was a corrupted file. Excel tried to fix it, and managed to do a decent job, but complex worksheets lost much of their formatting and who knows what else. Although the worksheets appear messed up, the code looks intact and current. My last backup was yesterday.

I have renamed the corrupted worksheets, and brought imported those worksheets back in from my backup. Of course there were a number of links needing updated in the worksheets that referred to the location of my backed up document rather than the current working copy. I had to adjust all the named ranges as well to remove the path.

But the workbook is messed up and it's preventing some references (macros etc) from changing.
In my VBA editor, I have a large number of excel sheets with the little Excel worksheet icon (Sheet1 - Sheet24), a large number of sheets that have my precrash worksheet names as Sheet25 (worksheet name) (sheets 25-48). I have workbook and workbook1. I only have 1 workbook open. How do I clean this up? Those extraneous worksheets do not exist in my workbook. (I think they belong to "Workbook1" which I have no idea where that is.)

The first problem I have experienced after this mess is a macro assigned shape on my main page. The assignment is 'SOP Schedule.xlsm'!sched_date. I've never had the leading file name before. If I try to remove it, it comes back. In the list of macros, sched_date exists, and even if I click on it, it populates to the full file name/macro. There are also oddly formatted macro names like sheet15.neg1 which I have never seen before (the macros yes, not how they are referenced). The macro assigned to the shape works.

Sorry if I'm rambling, but this is quite a setback. I'm uncertain how I can recover, I'm sure it will take some time. But I feel I need to clean up whats going on with the objects, whether they are remnants of the corruption, or from my backup attempts.
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