Filling MS Word template from Excel


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Sep 30, 2004
Hi all,

Ive been researching for the different possibilities to fill an word template with excel data. The data ranges from text/paragraphs to charts and pictures. I have an extensive excel VBA app that produces quite some data that i need to paste in an neat formatted word template. The aim is to do this from excel VBA, wich will fill the template with Paragraphs, Small lists, pictures(embedded or from simple file/pathname in excel cell) and excel charts (all this info will reside in an excel workbook).

Correct me if im wrong but after some research i came up with the following solutions:

- Mailmerge option in word (Not sufficient since i also need to fill non-text data like charts and pictures)

- XML (relativly new and powerfull technique, but i have no experience with it and dont know if this can pull charts and pictures to excel)

- VBA from excel that will open application word and use bookmarks in templates that will act as placeholder for the content from excel and VBA (seems to me like the most efficient way since i have a fair ammount of VBA experience, but unsure how this will work with pictures and especially excel charts)

I have searched the board here, but found very little to none information on this topic (or im using the wrong keywords ;) ).

Does anyone have any insights into efficiently handling this kinda connection and/or some links to this subject that wil help me on my way ?

Kind regards,


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