Generate rows based on data in another worksheet


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May 12, 2011
I am an Excel noob and have been given a project in excel .... one thing I am struggling with is how to have a list of current employees populate in (for example) Sheet A based on a dynamic list from Sheet B.

so, this is what Sheet A would look like:

<employee 1, group A> <title> <other data>
<employee 2, group A> <title> <other data>
<employee 3, group A> <title> <other data>
<employee 1, group B><title> <other data>
<employee 2, group B> <title> <other data>
<employee 3, group B> <title> <other data>
<employee 1, group C> <title> <other data>
<employee 2, group C> <title> <other data>
<employee 1, group D> <title> <other data>
<employee 2, group D> <title> <other data>

and Sheet B:
<Group A> <Group B> <Group C> etc
<employee 1><title> <employee 1><title> <employee 1><title>
<employee 2><title> <employee 2><title> <employee 2><title>
<employee 3><title> <employee 3><title> <employee 3><title>

if I added a third employee to sheet B (in red, above), I need sheet A to automatically insert a row beneath <employee 2, group C><title><other data>

I have looked at naming a range/dynamic ranges but I'm not understanding exactly how to do them or if naming a range would solve this problem.

Hoping that makes sense - thanks in advance for the help!

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May 12, 2011
I'm sorry, I'm not sure why the rest of my message isn't showing up.

Sheet A is something like:

Group A
employee 1, title
e2, t
e3, t
e1, t
e2, t
Group C
e1, t
e2, t
e3, t

and sheet B would be

Group A Group B Group C
list name, list title etc etc
etc etc etc

If I enter a new employee into Group B on Sheet B, I would like sheet A to insert a row for a third employee in group B.

I have looked at naming ranges and dynamic ranges but am not understanding the instructions, nor am I certain these will work to fix this problem.

Thanks for the help!

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