Help in mapping Excel Row Data into Columns by Formula


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Aug 4, 2010
Hello all,

Having used Excel for many years now, I continue to come across a 'new' user challenge and this particular one has me a bit baffled.

I have a user who is using a spreadsheet whereby each row of data contains a specific customer / job. For each row, there are several columns (labeled, "Bill Cycle #1", "Bill Cycle #2", etc) where a billing cycle date is calculated for that job. The billing date(s) are tied to the start of each project (and, thus, each customer (row) in the column for "Bill Cycle #1" may be different.

Our challenge is trying to "Match" this data to a sheet which has the corresponding Week for that customer billing (and the bill amount is pulled into the corresponding column). The approach 'so far' has been to use a set of 'nested IF' statements whereby each Bill Cycle Date for a customer is checked against the WEEK columns (using Logical Operands to determine if the bill date falls within a specific week). Besides being a nasty "nested IF", the user is on Excel 2003 and is restricted to only 7 nested statements. Since a customer may have an open balance for a number of months (and billing is done biweekly), we end up being restricted in using the IF statements to compare individual bill cycle dates to corresponding Week columns.

The users aren't VBA savy and I'm nervous about taking a macro-approach. However, the nested IF won't get us there, due to being limited to 7 nested IFs. . . . Any ideas on a formulaic approach?

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Jan 15, 2008
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Can you post an example of each (1) your customer billing sheet, and (2) the manner in which customer/job are identified? Is customer identifiable from job, i.e. each job number is unique between all customers?

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