How to save the value of an OptionButton


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Jan 13, 2016
I have two option buttons (labeled automatic and manual) on a userform that are linked via a GroupName in the properties window. If I click "automatic" and save the file, the next time I open the file, the "automatic" button is not clicked and the "manual one is clicked -- like it did not save the setting.

1. How to I save the value of an OptionButton?

2. I have other pairs of linked OptionButtons on the form in other places. While in the VB editor, I noticed that one button in some pairs is clicked (no code has been written to them yet) while no buttons are clicked in other pairs. Why is this and does it matter while in the VB editor?


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Last used cell?
Press Ctrl+End to move to what Excel thinks is the last used cell.
Save the values to refill by some method.
1. Cells
2. Registry (GetSetting(), SaveSetting())
3. External file, txt file, ini file, etc.

(1) is usually done through the ControlSource property. That can be set at design time.
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I do not quite understand what you mean. The buttons are on a userform-- and I am in design time. I save textbox values, but just do not understand what you mean? Can you be more specific? thanks for responding
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For which method? Obviously, (1) is the most simple. Select the View menu on the VBE toolbar and select Properties if you don't have it open. In the ControlSource property, type A1 or whatever cell you want to hold the value of True or False. Do the same for the other control but a different cell.
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Ok, select a cell on a particular sheet and put in properties box. Then in userform_initialization, I should code "optionbutton3=sheetx( A1)" (in properformat of course)?? Is this correct?

If this is correct, it seems like Excel would have stuck in another property that simply said "Save value of button?" then a yes or no.

thanks for your help
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I guess you could do it that way but it is much more involved.

Sounds like you don't know the basics of VBE or ActiveX controls. If clicking the View menu in VBE and then Properties Window is too difficult, just press the F4 key. Now that the Properties Window is open, click the userform or other controls which in this case would be each of the options button co. Notice how the property options change. Then set the ControlSource property as I explained.

There are many tutorials for how to use the VBE. e.g.
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I know how to open the properties window and make changes there. I just did not know how to save the optionsbutton value and I did not know how to reestablish that value when the file is opened again. I suppose that when the file is opened, the optionsbutton value will be established automatically by looking at the cell I put in ControlSourse? I guess I will have to read about it.

thanks for responding
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I would have thought so with 529 posts but one never knows for sure.

Yes, just like the method you were trying to use, the ControlSource takes care of it even more easily. I most always test my solutions so once your true and false values are set, it will "remember" from click to click and session to session.

Of course since they are grouped, just setting one ControlSource is sufficient. While the usual practice is to use the Activesheet of say A1, you can force the source to another sheet. e.g. If sheet's tab name was ok then I would use say: ok!A1
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The 529 posts were me asking questions as I learned VBA over the past year, but I have never used optionbuttons. Kind and knowledgeable people on this board like you have helped me a lot -- thank you again.
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