If a cell contains certain word.


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Hi All,

I'm trying to do this formul but is not working.

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*LR 10*";A2));"M01";B2)

so in column A2 I have the long desription of the loan and I want to find the ones that contain "LR 10", and if this is true to put in cell C2 "M01" otherwise the value that is in cell B2. But is not giving the result I want.

So I need help...thank you:)
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Hmm, seems to work for me. In what way is it "not giving the result I want"?
Some sample data maybe?

Also, whilst they won't do any harm, you don't need the asterisks in that formula.

Note that my formula delimiter is "," not ";" like yours.

Excel Workbook
2Some long description including LR 10 and other textxxx
3Some long description including LR 11 and other textyyyyyyyyy
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If the data in col A has come from a website or some other 3rd party software, the spaces maybe non-breaking spaces, in which case try
Although this will pick-up any instance where you have LR & 10 separated by a single character.


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If the data in col A has come from a website or some other 3rd party software, the spaces maybe non-breaking spaces,...
Good point, and we could target that &/or space specifically with



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Thank you to all of you for the answers. Now that I did the test from the home computer is working my formula but because I wrote the test LR 10 in the excel file while at office is not working. The test that i have in the office is in txt extracted from another program so I will use "?" and the other formula. I will try on monday and let you know if it is working, but I guess was not working as Pluff said as it is a text from another program.

Have a nice weekend all of you.


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If you are likely to something like LRP10 in the cell and it should return B2 rather than "M01", then you are better off using Peter's code.

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