is there a way to make a pivot table show only negative values *in all fields* ?


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I have a pivot table where I'm trying to find all the losses. So I'm seeing all the values, where 80% are positive, but I only care about the negative ones. Is there a way to show only negative values? Please note, this isn't just in the grand total column - I want this in the entire grid.

For example



That's a lot of #s to go through. I only care about the negative ones, which is 3 out of 12. Is there a way to just show those?
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This may be an option.

- Select the cells inside the pivot table (all of values).
- On the Home tab, in the Number group, click More Number Formats at the bottom of the Number Format list (General). Or select Format, Format cells.
- In the Format Cells dialog box, under Category, click Custom.
- In the Type box type:
- Press ok.



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With this solution I'm guessing this shows only negative values and the positive values show up as empty. What I actually wanted (and I apologize, I wasn't clear) would be for only the relevant rows to be shown. So in the example above I'd like the BC row to not be shown at all since nothing in there is negative.

Is there a way to do that?

EDIT - sorry, I see that BC actually does have a negative value. Let's imagine it doesn't. In that case I'd want that row to be hidden / filtered out.
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an idea: in an auxiliary column, put the formula if the min (of all the columns in that row) is> = 0, then 1, otherwise 0. add the auxiliary column to the pt and filter the 1.
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