Last non-blank row in a column part 2


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Jul 29, 2011

Apologies if this has already been asked, but I'm after a reasonably concise (and non-VBA if possible) way of identifying the row number of the last non-blank row in a set of rows from a given position (like the line number of the last word in any given paragraph of text on page with 20 paragrpahs):

I have a dashboard data entry sheet where data for the 20-odd charts is entered e.g.

SECTION TITLE | Week 1 | Week 2 | ...
item 1 | data 1 | data 2 | ...
SECTION TITLE | Week 1 | Week2 | ...
item 1 | data 1 | data 2 | ...
item 2 | data 1 | data 2 | ...

My aim is to use dynamic ranges for each section to prevent my chart-drawing lookup formulae from breaking if I move sections up or down or add or remove rows from sections - they're always in development :(

I've "named" each individual SECTION TITLE to use as the anchor cell in a dynamic OFFSET formula, but since the depths of each section are different and subject to change, measuring the depth of the dynamic range depends on looking for the first blank row <BLANK row>under each SECTION TITLE name...

Also, the week end dates in each section are not necessarily the same, for any number of tedious reasons, so each section needs its own set.

I've seen many solutions that cope ably with one contiguous column, but not in this broken-up manner.

Wow... I hope all of that makes some kind of sense. I've managed to get by, but only if the next section title down remains the same, which pretty much defeats the whole object.

All help is GREATLY appreciated,



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May 27, 2011
There are other simpler solutions but i found this works for most data sets including numbers, breaks in the data, and symbols:

Here is for last row:

For last column change the A:A to the row number i.e. 51:51



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Jul 29, 2011
I think that only works if you want to find the very last line/column of data in a broken-up column/row?

I'm after the first-encountered blank row in a column given a specific, named starting row. I used labels to easily get this bit. Like a page with loads of paragraphs on it, I can find the line number of the first word in each paragraph easily enough, but I don't have a general formula to find the number of lines in only that paragraph. I think if I use the formula given, that tells me the number of lines to the end of the last paragraph. This is because the number of rows can change, I'm trying to make the spreadsheet easier to maintain.

Hope that makes things clearer?

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