Macro Stopped Working after Microsoft Auto-Update


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Dec 12, 2014
Hello all,

I just joined this forum right now. If you guys feel uncomfortable opening the file i would understand especially nowadays how viruses are spread. I am attaching the error message i am getting as well.
This excel file was created YEARS ago.

A recent Microsoft update has been released and i have been having problems ever since. The problem started Wednesday night when Microsoft released the updates.

I have done a system restore on those computer and the excel file works as it should.

One of the computers i did the system restore on updated again over night and the excel file stopped working again. I have no idea why.

So i am looking for some help! Any help would be appreciated.

What the file does. You plot it then you hit the save and print button and it prints to a network printer. So iam not really sure how anyone would be able to help. but anything is worth a shot at this point i am at a total loss. I have done so much research and cant figure out the problem.

When the error shows i click debug and it takes me to this line

ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate"

Chart 1 is spelled correctly and it is only in one other place on this project.

How can i attach a screenshot? or the file itself? It has a quite a few macros and such.

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