macro to copy data on a loop until a blank row is hit errors


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Jun 7, 2016
I am trying to write a macro with VBA that will copy the data from my table in a sheet tiled "Front End" to a table on another sheet called "Raw Data". here is my code so far for the copying and pasting into the other sheet in the next empty row. I keep getting error that says "application defined or object defined error" at the copy/paste statements that have an X in place of the row name in an attempt to change the row with each loop.

Sub transfer()    Dim x As Long
'set starting point at row 8
    x = 8
    Dim BlankFound As Boolean
'defines the sheet the data is being coppied from
    Dim sourceSheet As Worksheet: Set sourceSheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Front End")
'defines the sheet the data is being pasted into
    Dim destSheet As Worksheet: Set destSheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Raw Data")
    Do While BlankFound = False
'selects the next row where the 1st column is empty
        lMaxRows = destSheet.Cells(destSheet.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
'pastes the data from the specified cells into the next empty row
        destSheet.range("A" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("C2").Value
        destSheet.range("M" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("E2").Value
        destSheet.range("N" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("E4").Value
        destSheet.range("P" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("G4").Value
        destSheet.range("Q" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("C4").Value
        destSheet.range("O" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("I3").Value
        destSheet.range("B" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("Ix").Value
        destSheet.range("C" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("Jx").Value
        destSheet.range("D" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("Kx").Value
        destSheet.range("E" & lMaxRows + 1).Value = sourceSheet.range("Lx").Value

        x = x + 1
        If Cells(x, "K").Value = "" Then
        BlankFound = True
        End If
End Sub
any help is greatly appreciated, my main issue is i cant figure out how to get the row number in the copy/paste statement to change after each loop

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