Move selected files to selected folder based on excel list


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Hi @sprs248,

Try with the below code

Option Explicit

Sub MoveFiles()
    Dim FSO As Object
    Dim PATH, sourcefile As String, dest, DestinationFolderName, SourceFileName, Filename As String
    Dim lr, x As Long
    Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.Filesystemobject")
    PATH = Range("D2").Value
    lr = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
    If PATH <> "" Then
        For x = 2 To lr
            SourceFileName = Range("A" & x).Value
            DestinationFolderName = Range("B" & x).Value
            sourcefile = PATH & "\" & SourceFileName & ".emd"
            dest = PATH & "\" & DestinationFolderName & "\" & SourceFileName & ".emd"
            If Not FSO.FileExists(sourcefile) Then
                MsgBox ("File Not Found in " & sourcefile)
                FSO.MoveFile source:=sourcefile, Destination:=dest
                MsgBox (sourcefile + " Moved to " + dest)
            End If
        Next x
        MsgBox ("Please Insert PATH in cell 'D2'")
        Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub
Not understood... Which Cell contains what parameter ... Also after run the code, it asks for content of D Cell..
Kindly help.. i am shortage of time..


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Cant u just use =CONCATENATE() to create the full path?

File name

Folder name
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21251
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC212512016120120161231.emd
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21251
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC212512017010120170131.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21251
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC212512017020120170228.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21251
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC213032016120120161231.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21303
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC213032017010120170131.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21303
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC213032017020120170228.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21303
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC217242016050120160531.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21724
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC219082016090120160930.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21908
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC219082016100120161031.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21908
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC219082016110120161130.emdC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21908

I have large volume of files for moving...
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dont understand.

There is only Source & Destination

Move from Folder 1 to Folder 2 tht all..

anyway i am not a scripting but it seen like he wrote what u want

Col A (File located at)
Col B (Move to)
Filename (What file to be move from COl A)
C:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folderC:\Users\LENOVO\Desktop\New folder\CSC21251CSC212512016120120161231.emd


Moved all files into the first path...
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There is a table.
Just follow

It actually the same as what he give u just tht he put at col C....
But since this code he hardcord the .ext (u just need to put the filename without ext.)

just put the full path at the excel table

Yes I want this ... but dont know where to edit my source and destination .. Please help.
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There is a table.
Just follow

It actually the same as what he give u just tht he put at col C....
But since this code he hardcord the .ext (u just need to put the filename without ext.)

just put the full path at the excel table
Thanks for your guidance,...

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