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Feb 22, 2007
Help....I'm a VBA novice and in over my head.

I have a spreadsheet which has four columns and numerous rows


Location - Desc - Price - ID#
Electric - Duplex Outlet - $5.00 - 12-0001

I would like to use VBA to name ranges. I need to name the Desc., Price, and ID# columns separately and want to use the Location and the headings of each column as the name range. Example - the column containing Duplex Outlet would be named ElectricDesc.

This is what I came up with, but need to figure out how to make "add name" a formula combining Location+Desc. I tried concatenate (B1,A2) but it did not work.

ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:="MyRange1", RefersTo:="=$A$1:$B$10"

Any suggestions?



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Sub Foo3()
    Var1 = [b1] & [a2]
    ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var1, RefersTo:="=$A$1:$B$10"
End Sub
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I ran into a glitch. I tried expanding the code and the last line is not working. Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

Sub AssignNameRange()
Var1 = [b2] & [c1]
ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var1, RefersTo:="=$c$1:$c$36"
Var2 = [b2] & [d1]
ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var2, RefersTo:="=$d$1:$d$36"
Var3 = [b2] & [e1]
ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var3, RefersTo:="=$e$1:$e$36"
End Sub
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Have you stepped throught the code and checked your variables?

In your code in VBA, hit F8.
A yellow highlight will show which line of code will perform next. As you tap F8 you will step through the code one line at a time.
During this process, when you move your cursor over any variables, it will display what that variable currently is. What does it show for Var3? Is it different than Var1 and Var2? Is it what you expect?

You might try changing the shortcut versions of [b2] and [e1] to Range("B2").Value and Range("E1").Value to assure they are picking up the value of the referenced cells and not text.
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I have Excel 2003 and the f8 did not work as anticipated. I've rechecked the code and unless I'm being dense today, I don't see what the problem is with the last line.
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Open VBA Editor, (Alt-F11)
Make sure your cursor is in the "AssignNameRange" code.
Hit F8...
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I've just gotten back to this project in the last day and have entered all the data. I am receiving an error on the line for Var10. I'm not seeing anything obvious. Do you have a second to check it out?

Var9 = [b50] & [e1]
ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var9, RefersTo:="=$e$50:$e$63"
Var10 = Range("b83") & Range("c1")
ActiveSheet.Names.Add Name:=Var10, RefersTo:="=$c$83:$c$102"

Thanks so much for your help. If needed I can email you the actual spreadsheet if that will help.

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What values do you have in Cells B83 and C1?
I put "The" in B83 and "End" in C1 and got a named range of "TheEnd" assigned to cells "C83:C102".
Do you have any spaces in your source cells? Named ranges have to be one word with no spaces.
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B83 - LRLights

I just checked for extra spaces in the row's I'm having errors on and that was it. Extra spaces at the end of the word.

You saved me tons of frustration (again).

Thank you. Have a nice evening.

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