need a code to run macro if cell value is changed


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Dec 22, 2008
Hi, I need a macro to run a piece of code which is already written. I have a cell IV1 a with a sum formula. When ever the total in IV1 changes then i want macro to run. I dont even want to touch cell IV1. I tried Worksheet-Change event, but it works only when i access the cell IV1 , It will not work when value is changed in IV1 when i not access that cell. Kindly help me.


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Can you AutoAverage in Excel?
There is a drop-down next to the AutoSum symbol. Open the drop-down to choose AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, or MIN


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Dec 9, 2008
Look at the Worksheet_Calculate event. This fires when a calculation is made. To have the code run only when the particular cell's return has changed, you would want to store the return val and check against it.

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