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Apr 16, 2009
HELP PLEASE! I am using Excel 2013.

I am trying to create a template of sorts for my boss based on his criteria as follows: From 1 – 50 worksheets based on number of salespeople. Each sheet will have at minimum 10 products and could go as high as 15 products. Each product should print out on 1 sheet or 2 max. If second sheet is blank, do not print. If second sheet is a continuation then designate as such.

My spreadsheet (don't know how to upload) is set up with only 4 products (for ease) and preferred outcomes as follows: Product one = 1 page = ok Product two = 2 pages (due to word wrapping) = page 2 is blank and should not print Produ ct three = 2 pages = not sure if the second page can be notated as a “CONTINUATION” Product “Four “ = not used – do not print

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