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Mark O'Brien

MrExcel MVP
Feb 15, 2002
I've reached the new board and it's a bit faster than about 2 hours ago. I don't know if this is typical.

Php is creating pages in less than 0.01 seconds again. Yay!
giving me a bit of a "groundhog day" though - I'm sure I've seen these answers before!!


P.S. Definitely feels quicker, even from NZ where it was rarely tooooooo slow.
Massive improvement so far, I'll se how it goes this afternoon when all the US bods start hammering it.

phpBB Created this page in 0.005082 seconds

to create this reponse page, haven't seen that in a while.
I’m with Ian the US do tend to HAMMMMMEEERRR this board, reason they have WWW at work on desktop so more log in and it CRAWLS over in UK, this NEW boards OK but not as fast as it was as now GMT21.30 and US still up

Mexico’s comments ??? surprise me, as would have said US and Mex to close but good to hear, also not so many Mex posters remember

I do also find no issues if all my UK friends on, but then again US will be awake

I have extensive chats around the EAST of UK Europe and so on NZ also and find GMT 0.00 onwards things are ok which would be East US 4pm and west’s US say LA and Disney Land in the Big C area are just up.,

Conclusion US is main east based and effects the server distribution

Not having goes most the guys are very good pals, maybe these guys can see / say how UK effects their end.

Jacks views there

I will add NZ pumps, PM faster than Emails and OZ is to.

Also New York don’t seem effected but i find this with work since the effects of the World Trade Centre
Dedicated this post to:
A true guru Fire Fighting hero, a hero in his own life time, of cause lost in WTC

RES1CUE Captain Terry Hatton, buried 24 days later in New York

Nicknamed from the place he loved and died in MANHATTON

Terry "MANHATTON" Hatton

Sleep Well Friend

Respect to Terry HAtton and all the other 432 lost from the EMS and 1000s of other no more important that another

Wanna see my friend MANHATTON??

Man_Hatton knew he was about to die, that distroys me deeply = i was born in a Fire House where i lived as a little boy - this is a sture reported comment from Terry, as reported from Fire Crews reported back via friends of my fathers in New York

You tell me [ i rather you did not please :cry: ]

Then, there was Captain Terry Hatton, who loved this city so much that his men called him "Captain Man-Hatton." Upon entering Tower One, fireman Tim Brown says Hatton "wrapped his arms around me, and said, ‘I love you, brother. Don ’t know if I’ll see you again........."

Man_Hatton your never be forgotton - just as the guys i have know ever since i was born in the fire house which was my home, and i scattered there ashes in respect just as they wanted, tears stream from my eyes as i type and im lost, but all i can draw is you all died trying to saves others, so ..... :cry:

Man_Hatton only ever said two things

Either its perfect or totally unexceptable - i dont know anymore

Im asked so often why i never joined the service, i saw my father blow up, burnt and hurt too many times and many close friends hust to, as a young child i was protected but exposed to the real side of the job, 'orrible bits too.

I have buried and scattered ashes to a few.


My father from friends and even his own admittion was lucky and should have died 8 times.

Now i simple very upset mutter mumble

I know to many dead ones!

Love you guys, sleep well from me please!
Checking in from Maui....A vast improvement!!! I was doing way too much work while waiting for the pages to load up! :LOL:
Hi Board,

If You have some shortcut to Mr Excel delete or replaced it to make sure Your're on the right board - which I was NOT for some hours.....LOL

Nevertheless, it's faster then previous although we from Europe always must accept that things is getting slower when USA wakes up :wink:

However, looking forward when the board will be mirrored from a server near me - Perhaps in London :) :)

How about that Jack :wink:

Kind regards,

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