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Feb 1, 2004
Is there a function or macro that will put each field in a seperate column accross the sheet

A1= vimHOLDINGS_0.Symbol, vimHOLDINGS_0.GroupInvId, vimHOLDINGS_0.Ticker, vimHOLDINGS_0.QuantityShort, vimHOLDINGS_0.QuantityLong, vimHOLDINGS_0.Portfolio, vimHOLDINGS_0.SharesOutstanding, vimHOLDINGS_0.MarketValue, vimHOLDINGS_0.InvType, vimINVESTMENTS_0.InvDesc, vimINVESTMENTS_0.Region, vimINVESTMENTS_0.ExposureSector, vimHOLDINGS_0.Date

I want
B1 = vimHOLDINGS_0.Symbol
C1 = vimHOLDINGS_0.GroupInvId
D1 = vimHOLDINGS_0.Ticker

The cells do not have the same number for fields, they will have 1- 15 fields

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Apr 4, 2007
You could try using data>text to columns and delimit it based on the comma. But it will split them out in the order they are in in the cell.

Its also a good practice to not start more than one thread on the exact same issue.

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