Protecting Workbook and its Contents


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Jul 10, 2014
Hello, I am continually running into an issue when trying to protect my workbook with macro's

I have a workbook with 12 sheets.
Upon workbook_open, I hide them all, except the first which is protected completely, no one can even click on a cell. At the end of the code, I protect the workbook with a password, lets call it "hello". protecting the workbook will restrict the user from running a macro to unhide the other (unprotected) worksheets.

*Sure, I could protect every sheet with a macro, but I am going to be using each of those 12 sheets on a daily basis and don't want to have to enter a password to unprotect the sheet 12 times. I want to go around this, by letting the user put in a password once, unprotect the workbook, unhide all the worksheets, and unprotect the first one.*

**The workbook is just a template**

When I add the code to unprotect the workbook at the start of workbook_Open, and re-open the workbook, macros have been disabled, and there is no way to re-enable them.

Essentially, I have 2 questions:
1. Is it possible to enter a password for the workbook before Excel even opens up?


2. how do I go about protecting my workbook so that nobody can see the 11 other worksheets, and protect my code (I have to protect the code because the password is in there).


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Jul 10, 2014
I understand the Files accessible at work can be locked before excel opens, however I believe that is a function of IT so i'm not too sure if this can be done.

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