Public Variables -Can They be Referred to by Subs in Multiple Modules?


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May 18, 2019
I had hoped to be able to declare a variable as public in one module, assign a value to it then refer to it in other modules but as soon as I try to use it in a different module I'm getting "Compile error: Ambiguous name detected"

Module 1 Highlights
Public Var_DRPS_Code_Version As Variant

This variable is given a value from a cell on one of the sheets and can be used/referred to without problem in Module 1

Module 2
As soon as I try to refer to the variable, I get the aforementioned error message.

I hope someone can advise me on this. This code is to carry out some very repetitive tasks in updating a large data table in Excel, there are a few frequently referred to values so I had planned on reading them into variables that can then be referred to by the rest of the code as they are needed. I can come up with a work around for this particular variable but there are a few others that have evolving values and will make things a bit more complex. Should I be writing all of these values into cells somewhere then just reading them back into the code as they are needed?


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May 2, 2008
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It sounds like you probably have that variable declared again, either at module level in module 2 or at procedure level.


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May 18, 2019
Thanks, I thought I had already checked for that but I'd forgotten that I had some old code in a now unused module. It hadn't created a problem until I tried to use the variable in multiple modules.

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