Relative Strength Indicator. (UDF -vba)

wheelie pete

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Mar 1, 2019
Afternoon - I searched the forums and couldn't come up with anything, but I'm wondering if anyone could help modify this code that I found on another site, so that it would take into account the average of one of the functions of the previous cells. Effectively, I'm trying to modify this code

Function RSI(MyCells As Range)
Dim up_day, down_day, ups, downs
Dim average_up, average_down
Dim RS, cellcount As Long
Dim cll As Range
ups = 0
up_day = 0
downs = 0
down_day = 0
cellcount = 0
For Each cll In MyCells
cellcount = cellcount + 1
If cellcount = MyCells.Count Then Exit For
If cll.Value >= cll.Offset(1, 0).Value Then
downs = downs + cll - cll.Offset(1, 0).Value
ElseIf cll.Value < cll.Offset(1, 0).Value Then
ups = ups + cll.Offset(1, 0).Value - cll.Value
End If
Next cll
average_up = ups / cellcount
average_down = downs / cellcount

RS = average_up / average_down

RSI = 100 - (100 / (1 + RS))

End Function

So that it takes into account the average of previous averages as shown on this page.

Any takers on this? I believe it needs an array, but I'm just not sure. Thanks!! pete
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