scanning in UPC's ... How to get them entered as a string (text)


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Mar 23, 2011
I have the following code ... works fine but at times it drops the leading zero when placing it in a cell.
I have the cells formatted as text as well but doesn't seem to change things.
how can I make sure the cell is written to as text?

Sub FillUPCNumber()

    Dim arr1 As Variant
    Dim ii As Long
    Dim str9 As String, str10 As String, str11 As String, str12 As String, str13 As String, str14 As String, str15 As String, str16 As String
    Dim Response2 As String
    Dim Response3 As Variant
    ii = 0
    With ActiveSheet
        arr1 = .Range("A1:H" & .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row)
    End With

    For ii = 1 To UBound(arr1)
        If arr1(ii, 1) = GetItemNumber Then
            str9 = IIf(str9 = "", arr1(ii, 1), str9 & " " & arr1(ii, 1)) 'item number
            str10 = IIf(str10 = "", arr1(ii, 2), str10 & " " & arr1(ii, 2)) 'description
            str11 = IIf(str11 = "", arr1(ii, 3), str11 & " " & arr1(ii, 3)) 'id
            str12 = IIf(str12 = "", arr1(ii, 4), str12 & " " & arr1(ii, 4)) 'date
            str13 = IIf(str13 = "", arr1(ii, 5), str13 & " " & arr1(ii, 5)) 'dept#
            str14 = IIf(str14 = "", arr1(ii, 6), str14 & " " & arr1(ii, 6)) 'dept
[COLOR=#ff0000]            str15 = IIf(str15 = "", arr1(ii, 7), str15 & " " & arr1(ii, 7)) 'upc[/COLOR]
            str16 = IIf(str16 = "", arr1(ii, 8), str16 & " " & arr1(ii, 8)) 'price
            If Cells(ii, 7).Value = "" Then
[COLOR=#ff0000]                Cells(ii, 7).Value = UPCNumber[/COLOR]
                Cells(ii, 8).Value = GetPrice
            End If
            If Cells(ii, 5).Value = "" Then
                Cells(ii, 5).Value = GetDeptNum
                Cells(ii, 6).Value = GetDepartment
            End If
        End If

End Sub


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Sep 9, 2013

Try adding a single quote to the start:
Cells(ii, 7).Value = "'" & upc
(That's a single quote surrounded by a pair of double quotes.)


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